Are you a good friend?

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Are you a super friend, a okay friend, or a...
TERRIBLE FRIEND? Do you need to work on your friendship skills? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Your friend misses a day of school.Do you...
    You don't think of bringing her your homework, instead you watch the soccer game with OTHER friends.
    You purposely don't bring her homework- it's not your responsibility.
    Bring her homework to her house, even though you are missing the world cup soccer game.
    You think about bringing her homework, but forget.
  • 2
    Your friend has spinach in her teeth. You notice it as she's talking to the popular people. Do you....
    You start laughing and pointing at her teeth.
    You confront her in front of the popular people and tell her.
    You see it, but ignore it.
    You bring her away from the group and tell her.
  • 3
    You make plans with your friend to go see a movie, but a popular person later invites you to do something with her the same night. Do you...
    You can't decide between the two, so you don't do either.
    You go with the popular person, but lie to your friend by saying your sick.
    You go with your friend, and ask the popular person for a raincheck.
    You go with the popular person and tell your friend "status is more important".
  • 4
    Your friend didn't study for the test.She wants to cheat off your paper. Do you...
    You ignore's her problem.
    You tell the teacher she is trying to cheat. She gets detention for a month.
    You don't let her cheat, but offer to help her study in the future.
    You let her cheat....she needs the marks.
  • 5
    You friend greets you in the hall. Do you..
    Smile and keep walking.
    Say hi, but keep walking.
    Stop and say hi and chat for a bit.
    Ignore her.
  • 6
    Your friend isn't eating anything.She thinks she's fat.You fear she is becoming anorexic.
    You tell her that it's good. She needs to lose weight.
    You tell her she's not fat. Also you tell an adult.
    You tell her that her eating habits are ker-azy.
    You don't do anything-it's her life.
  • 7
    Your friends starts smoking, because the popular kids are.
    You try to stop her, by taking the cigarettes.She thinks it's invading her privacy, but you don't care.
    You tell her how bad it is.Then if she doesn't stop you tell an adult.
    You ignore her problem.
    You join in and tell her it's cool.
  • 8
    Your friend starts a MEAN, UNTRUE rumor about you.
    Do you...
    Confront her right away, tell her to stop, then tell people that it isn't true. You accept her apology.
    You run home and cry under the covers. Life sucks.
    You start a new NASTY rumor about her.REVENGE IS SWEET!
    You go rushing around and telling people that the rumor is untrue. You never speak to your 'friend' again.
  • 9
    You accidentally leak a secret about your friend. Do you...
    Don't say anything and PRAY that she never finds out.
    Confront her about your mistake and apologize.
    Write her a letter regarding your mistake, but don't confront her for at least a week.
    Tell other secrets about her because a popular person asked you to.
  • 10
    Your friend gets the same outfit as you.Do you....
    Tell her it looks good on her. So you are twins for the day!
    Tell her to please change.
    Encourage her to return it.
    You "accidentally" spill grape juice on it.MWAUHAHAHAHAHA

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