What Inuyasha character are you?

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Inuyasha, Bankotsu, Sango, Naraku, Sesshomaru?

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    Are you a human?
    Yes, but I'm extremely well trained and strong
    No, I've gotten rid of that man's heart in me.
    Yeah, but I'm a formerly dead murderer human
    I am a full blooded demon, of course
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    Do you kill humans?
    I kill whoever gets in my way.
    I don't like to kill humans, but I will if necessary.
    I don't usually, but I can and will if I have to.
    Of course! I kill whoever I feel like killing!
    If it benefits me, I will kill anyone.
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    What's your weapon?
    A really cool sword that can gain powers when I get stronger or kill certain demons.
    I have a giant halberd that gains power when I kill.
    I have many weapons which I can use skillfully, but 1 that I specialize on.
    I usually make my minions fight for me, but I can conjure miasma and change forms, as well as having demonic powers.
    I have my demonic powers and a very powerful sword. Two swords, actually, but the other one is useless.
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    Who are you with?
    My minions who are incarnations/spawn of myself. And my poison insects, of course.
    No one. except for a couple people who follow me around.
    I am with my traveling companions and my pet demon cat. I used to live in my village, before Naraku killed everyone else there.
    The other six in my band of seven mercenaries!
    I'm with my traveling companions, who are all strong, but not nearly as strong as me.
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    Who is your enemy?
    Everyone who doesn't benefit me.
    Naraku. He killed my family and the rest of my village. He is also using my brother, whom he has revived with a shikon shard.
    Anyone who I've been hired to kill, feel like killing, and anyone who tricks me, uses me, betrays me, or tries to kill me.
    Naraku. Usually my younger brother too. Anyone who gets in my way.
    Naraku. He tricked me and killed a certain priestess. And I'm not too fond of my older brother, either.
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    What emotions do you usually show?
    Evilness, nasty, manipulative...
    Depends on who I'm with.
    Anger, stubbornness, you know...
    I'm cheerful if I'm in a good mood, but I’m not always in a good mood, so I'm not always cheerful, whatever.
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    Who do you love?
    Love? Love is good for manipulating people.
    I don't love Kagome! Everyone always thinks that! As for Kikyou, it's none of your business.
    No one. I don't need love.
    Miroku is a pervert. I don't love him. Sometimes.
    Killing! of course.
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    If I said Kikyou...
    ...I will kill her. Uh, again. A third time.
    ...Why should I care about that dead mortal priestess.
    ...I said that's none of your business!
    ...What about that annoying, interfering, irritating, conceited, dead priestess.
    ...uhh..Inuyasha likes Kikyou.
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    If you saw a demon attacking a village, what would you do?
    Well, assuming I wasn't the demon, I probably sent the demon. If that wasn't the case-...wait- no, that has to be the case.
    Kill the demon. Then kill the village.
    It doesn't involve me, why should I care?
    I would exterminate the demon and save the village, as is my profession.
    I'd kill the demon. There might be a shikon shard involved!
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    Do you have friends?
    Of course! Everyone wants to be near me, cause I'm so strong. At least, the good guys do. Well, some of the good guys. Actually, maybe they just want to be near my companions. But I do have some friends.
    Hmmph. I have my minions.
    I don't need friends. But like I said, there are some people who follow me around.
    Yeah! my 6 fellow murderers in the Band of 7! uhh..5? 4? 3! 2!
    Yes, I have friends. I'd just have a lot more if Naraku hadn't killed them all.

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