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Finally an actual bleach quiz.

  • 1
    Who is the 12 squad captain?
    Kaname Tousen
    Kurotsuchi Mayuri
    Kuchiki Byakuya
    Zaraki Kenpachi
  • 2
    What is the name of his zanpakuto?
    Senbon Zakura
    Ryujin Jakka
    Asihogi Jizou
  • 3
    How many lieutenants are there and why?
    12 because one of them quit.
    14 because 1 squad has 2 lieutenants.
    12 because Shiba Kaien died.
    13 because there is one for each squad
  • 4
    Name 1 lieutenants who is "captainless" and their former captain.
  • 5
    What does the hyougoku do?
    It can bring out the death god in a hollow or vice versa.
    It makes a copy of you.
    It destroys your soul slayer.
    It steals your soul.
  • 6
    Name the 3 non-captains that have achieved bankai.
    Isane, Ichigo, Hisagi
    Ikkaku, Yumichika, Renji
    Ichigo, Kira, Hinamori
    Ichigo, Renji, Ikkaku
  • 7
    What does Tousens bankai do?
    Gives you super speed.
    Cuts off all senses.
    Shrouds you with ice.
    Shoots spirit waves.
  • 8
    How old is Ichigo?
  • 9
    What was the Soukyoku rumored to have?
    Magical powers.
    A large ice dragon for its soul.
    The power of 1,000,000 soul slayers.
    Killed the previous 12th squad captain.
  • 10
    Name 2 people from Aizens espada.
    Ulquiorria and Yami.
    D-Roy and Il Forte Grantz
    Shawlong Qufong and Ichimaru
    Edorad Leones and Shinji

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Gene ( 40.65 )
Posted 246 days ago
question 8 was not a good question, he is 17 as it has gone through the timeskip.