Do You Have Common Sense?

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So what would you do if you caught an antelope water-skiing?

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    If a fluffy cactus came up to you with a sharp-looking pencil, telling you to give him all your money, what would you do?
    Take his pencil and run to Olive Garden.
    Just say "no"
    Give the little sweetheart everything I own.
    I like lollipops. I stuck a cookie up a camel's butt one time.
    My hairless cat's named Fluffy.
  • 2
    What would you think if your name were Fufaloo Tinkelklablurger? (prn. Foof-a-Lou Tinkle-cla-blur-ger)
    Oh my God! Little green monkeys with light switches are falling from the sky!
    At least I won't feel left out when I go to family reunions; I'll fit right in with my brother Frankelbother (prn. Frank-ul-bother), Cousin Ankelajoo (prn. Ankle-a-joo), Uncle Jethululu (prn. Jeth-ooh-lulu), and Aunt Garelynafeala (prn. Gare-el-lion-a-feel-ah)
    What a lovely name.
    I always knew my parents hate me!
    What the hell did I ever do to deserve this?
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    Is it a good idea to see if your rabbit can fly?
    No! That's so mean!
    I don't have lung cancer!
    Of course it is. She's a superhero.
    Hickle pickles! Oh, my God! You have hickle pickles!
    There's no time for these stupid questions! The zebras are taking over the world with tater tots!
  • 4
    Have you ever went into a drug store and ACTUALLY asked for cocaine?
    Yeah, and the cashier gave me some, too! And it wasn't cocaine, it was acid!
    Where else would I get cocaine? I mean, it IS a drug store. Duh!
    I bought a pony broom from a handsome Jamaican man for $900 once, and I still don't know when the 4th of July is.
    No! Drugs are mean and evil!
    It was just ONE TIME, and it was a dare, I swear!
  • 5
    Have you ever believed him when Grandpa says, "I got your nose!"
    Is it just me, or is this quiz weirder than the time I slammed my eye lid in the car door?
    He might be my grandpa, but I don't care. I'm slapping him! It's MY nose!
    I put a tutu, tights, and a cowboy hat on my cat once. That was fun, but not as fun as going to my brain-dead brother's wedding. They were both brain-dead, they didn't know each other, but the girl was rich, so we thought it'd be a good idea. She also has a REALLY big dad! My neck still hurts from the time I thought I was shooting my paint ball gun at my brother, but it was me.
    I might be taking this quiz, but I'm not completely ignorant! Just a little.
    Take his big old wrinkly nose...and bring it in for show-and-tell!
  • 6
    What's usually your response to someone saying
    "You're such a little coward?"
    What's the zip code for Heaven? Grandpa needs shaving cream again. You'd think they'd have shaving cream in Heaven, wouldn't ya?
    Go home to Mommy and cry!
    Stick a paper clip up his nose.
    Why am I remembering something about a fluffy cactus and a pencil? Anyway, I got my head stuck in a guitar once, and the cashiers at Kmart had to get me out. I wasn't at Kmart or anything, I just know from experience that the cops don't know how to get me out of a guitar, or a lamp shade!...or a pizza box...or a hamster wheel...or a cereal box...
    "I'm not a LITTLE coward, I'm a BIG coward!"
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    What would you think if OATmeal were called
    I thought it already was called goatmeal!
    It sounds better. I'm not a horse! *Tries to cover up mane and hooves*
    You're REALLY bored, aren't you?
    Yuck! I don't wanna eat goats
    Thanks a lot! I'll never be able to eat oatmeal again
  • 8
    Would you do if you saw a antelope water-skiing?
    That's no antelope, that's my Grandpa, you are meany!
    Call the cops, but take plenty of pictures first. My friends are never going to believe this without pictures!
    Get his phone number. Not only is he a great water-skier, but he's cute too!
    Well, join him, of course. It's only polite!
    I like yellow. Yellow cheese, yellow lights, Mellow Yellow, Yellow Submarines...anything yellow!
  • 9
    Do you believe in Memorial Day Faeries?
    I smell a Bigfoot. Does anyone like eating wrapping paper like I do?
    My little sister's only three months old, and I already know that's she's going to take over the world. She loves Care Bears. I hate sharpening pens, it's so damn messy!
    It's only possible to fold my tongue four times when it's dry.
    What the fuck is a Memorial Day Faery?
    Yeah, and I have proof. Little Dusty Owl the Memorial Day Faery is my best friend!
  • 10
    If my name were Stan, would I like cheese?
    That reminds me of the time I went sledding with my hamster in July. Never did find Little Cliff. Oh, wait, that's my son. Anyway, I went swimming in a pool of hot tea once. I still have the burns from that...and the time I tried petting a monkey. The monkey had a lighter. He was better at operating those things than me.
    Yellow! Cheese is yellow! I love yellow cheese!
    Well, what kind of cheese?
    I saw 101 Dalmations nine times, and I still don't remember it. All I remember is that Cruella DeVil is hot!
    Are all Stan's the same or something?

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