How much do you know about Inuyasha?

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The hardest Inuyasha quiz!

  • 1
    How old is Inuyasha (you will have had to watch the third movie to figure it out)?
    About 250
    About 500
    About 65
    About 150
    About 17
  • 2
    About how long was Bankotsu dead for?
    there is absolutely no way to figure it out.
    about 20000 years
    6 months
    about 50 years
    about 10 years
  • 3
    What is the name of the demon that Inuyasha gets his kongosohaa from?
  • 4
    In movie 4, what does Inuyasha and friends encounter on Horai Island?
    many youkai children
    many humans with odd powers
    many hanyou children
  • 5
    Who is Abi and what part does she play in the story?
    She is an incarnation of Naraku, a female snake demon who betrays Naraku, but is killed by Inuyasha because he thinks she is still with Naraku.
    She is a bird demon princess who is manipulated by naraku.
    She is a human farmer's daughter who loves Miroku.
    She is a human; Inuyasha's half sister, who is killed by Naraku.
    She is Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's granmother, who helps Inuyasha with the tessaiga.
  • 6
    It was thought that Naraku was dead for a few moments after Tekkei...
    ...shot Naraku with an arrow of purification.
    ...poisoned Naraku with her deadly venom
    ...ate Naraku.
    ...impaled Naraku.
    ...engulfed Naraku with her miasmic aura and tried to absorb him.
  • 7
    What is the name of the demon that Hakudoushi created out of other demons?
    Akako/ the baby
    The joined brothers; Kinka and Ginka
  • 8
    What song is played in episode 124, Farewell My Beloved Kikyou (saraba itoshi no Kikyou)? Hint:
    Namida wa shitteiru.
    Shinjitsu no uta.
    Four Seasons.
    Tobira no mukou e.
    Sayonara wa ashita no tame ni.
  • 9
    In the later manga, what happens after Sesshomaru breaks Tokijin?
    He takes Tessaiga from Inuyasha, and Tessaiga accepts him.
    Sesshomaru blackmails Totosai into forging him a new sword.
    Totosai reforges Tenseiga as an invinvible deadly killing sword.
    Sesshomaru uses an ordinary sword, which breaks often, but can be easily replaced.
    He only uses his demonic powers, but increases them to the point of perfection.
  • 10
    Which of Naraku's spawn haven't betrayed him yet (out to where the manga is at in Japanese)?
    Only Hakudoushi.
    Akako and Kanna
    Hakudoushi and Byakuya
    Hakudoushi, Akako, and Kanna
    Kanna and Byakuya

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