Are you a child genius?

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We've all heard of child geniuses. You know those kids who skip around 10 grades in school and graduate college as an adolescent. But they are not the only child geniuses. In fact you can be as smart as one of those kids. Take this test to see if you are a child genius too.

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    When was the declaration of independence signed?

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catgirl (07014)
3 days ago
that test was silly
Mad (13056)
18 days ago
Ok so I am probably smarter than the teachers at my school because I have a IQ of 120-139 and I’m 11. Then I take this test and it says that I’m “below average”. This is not truthful! That or maybe my finger slipped. I know what answer was what though. But still, nice test
Rose (71987)
37 days ago
I have skipped two grades and am meant to in 5th. I laughed when I saw the questions and the result it gave me. It said I was average human intelligence. So if I am average, the developer must be below below-average. Rekt. Oh and, maybe the user is called Genius Girl 13 because that is her IQ. Or maybe it is the highest she ( he ) can count to.
Andre Ekunwe (34186)
74 days ago
This quiz is the easiest this quiz is the easiest quiz I have ever done the best I have ever done I have ever entire life so I'm staying the people who the people who got the squeeze a big big big big thank you and I hope someday I can work for you and earn money from from andre
Levi (67069)
119 days ago
I think some of you are not very smart if you think you're smart from a internet quiz.
Erica 123 (11386)
120 days ago
Wow im higher than average ok im 11 and in 11 th grade so I don't actually understand what's going on this isn't accurate all I wanted was to have fun cause I'm bored WHAT THE HECK THOUGH
jeremiah (99240)
139 days ago
dang i love being smart im making it to college im pretty sure
Skyla (24748)
152 days ago
Actually I am a genius because of other test I took
Hannah (65388)
158 days ago
I meant I will slap who ever mad this test
Hannah (65388)
158 days ago
This is the worst test ever😡. It said I wasn't smart it said I was RETARDED!!!!!!!!!! I'm on honor roll. I'm taking engineering and I'm going to 6 grade I say. I will also how ever mad this test!!!!!!
Emmanuel (35148)
203 days ago
I hate being Smart I got everything right as a result my mom buy me a Candy
Autumn (41714)
212 days ago
wow, I get in gifted and talented for 2 years, get some of the highest grades in my class, and I get a below average :/

ava (01816)
350 days ago
sol does ireland have july 4th no so this is only for amirica
ava (01816)
350 days ago
anna jordan same but this was hard
ava (01816)
350 days ago
sighs i dont know why you like july 4th amairican
Sol (87105)
380 days ago
Bad test! Too many ambiguous questions. For example, how many times did I say "like"? Well, do you mean as a separate word or as a phonetic syllable? What question are you on? Options: 8, #8, question number 8. There is no way to choose between these. Does England have a 4th of July? Trick questions like that have no place in serious tests, besides, countries outside the US have an unfair advantage on that question. If you're going to write a test then at least describe it properly. It doesn't do what the description says it does, not by a very long way. :P
Kat (99426)
393 days ago
This was a fun quiz, surely takes one to know a question :) initially
I intended this quiz to be a pass time for fun and to keep the mind in
check. I got a careless mistake on A + B = C2, too quick and confident in
Scores. I may not be a Child Prodigy, for I am 13. Too old to be considered
one in my opinion. But I was classified as a genius, which was
self-esteem boosting enough.
Anna (30762)
395 days ago
I am the smartest student in my school while people are skipping grades, I would skip grades too but my teachers are to poor educated
Jordan (97596)
398 days ago
I hate this quiz I got an average and I'm one of the best students in my school.
Peyton (46511)
513 days ago
I skip a grade only to be called average...