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Do you know POTC? The real question is, is this Pirates of the Caribbean, or is it Passion of the Christ?

  • 1
    This is a Passion of the Christ quiz-
    In the beginning, how did Judas Iscariot betray and identify Jesus?
    He didn't need to, Judas was a disciple
    He kissed him
    He captured Jesus
  • 2
    Why did Judas hang himself after turning in Jesus?
    He was driven mad by evil little demon children
    The pope wouldn't give him the silver
    He couldn't stand the guilt
  • 3
    What was different in the movie than in the Bible?
    The bible wasn't half as gory as the movie
    Jesus wasn't crucified at Golgotha
    Mary didn't wipe Jesus' bloody face, she wiped the bloody ground
  • 4
    Who does Satan look like in the movie?
    Uma Thurman (kill bill, be cool, etc)
    don't care
    Rosie O'Donnell
  • 5
    What happened at the very end of the movie?
    Jesus went up to heaven
    Jesus killed the devil and his twisted little baby
    The tomb was filled with a dim light, and Jesus walked out with holes in his hands
  • 6
    What did Satan say to tempt Jesus in the beginning?
    "No one can die for the benefit of love"
    "You are worthless!"
    "How can any one carry the burden of all the sin in the world?"
  • 7
    What happened when Jesus died?
    Angels came down from heaven and killed every one
    There was a super duper uber gigantic earthquake
    There was lightning and thunder
  • 8
    What did Peter do before the first cock crowed?
    He denied Jesus three times
    He denied Jesus
    He ran away
  • 9
    Almost done, what did the sign say above Jesus' head?
    "Arrested for activity on the Sabbath"
    We don't know, it was in Jewish
    "Hail, King of the Jews"
  • 10
    Is the baby Satan was holding creepy?
    Are you kidding? I still have nightmares
    It was a kind of a cute, in a babyish way
    I don't remember the baby

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