Green Day Chords

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Chords for guitar. How well do you know them?

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    Chords to Minority?
    F#, G, C, F.
    A, D, F, B.
    B, C, A, D.
    C, F, G, F.
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    Chords to Warning?
    A, C, D, G.
    G, A, B, C.
    A, D, G, D.
    D, Dm, A, G.
    B, D, Em, D.
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    What are the chords to Holiday?
    B, C, D, F.
    E, C, G, D.
    Em, C, G, D.
    F, B, D, A.
    D, C, G, Em.
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    What are the chords to Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)?
    B, A, D, G, Am, F, Dm.
    A, G, G, A, D, F, B.
    G, C, D, Em, D, C, G.
    F#, D, A, C, C, D, B, C.
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    Chords to Brain Stew?
    A, A, G, G, F#m, F#m, F, F, E, E, A, A.
    G, G, C, C, F, F, B, C, A, F#m, F#m, B, B, A, D, D.
    A, D, F, C, D, B, A, Dm, D7, Am, B, B, Bb.
    C, C, F, F, F#m, D, D, Am, Am, C.
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    Chords of American Idiot?
    B, C, A, D, B, B, F#m.
    A, E7, Bb, A, G.
    A, D, G, D, A, G.
    A, D, G, A, G, D.
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    Chords to Welcome to Paradise when Billie says, "Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes. Some call it slums, some call it nice..."
    A, B, F#m, Bb, C, D, A.
    D, B, Bb, D7, Dm, G, C, D, C, A.
    E, G, A, C.
    E, A, C, B, D, G.
    Em, D, C, A.
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    Chords to She's a Rebel when Billie sings, "Is she dreaming, what I'm thinking? Is she the mother of all bombs gonna detonate?"
    D7, Dm, D, D, D.
    G, C, D, C, A, C, B, E.
    E, B, C, G.
    G, C, G, C, G, C, D, C.
    C, G, C, G, C, G, B, G.
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    Chords to Blvd. of Broken Dreams when Billie Joe sings, "I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known."
    A, D, C, F#m, F, F.
    Em, G, D, C, E.
    E, B, C, D, E.
    Em, G, D, E, Em.
    B, C, C, E, Em, Am, D.
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    What kind of guitar was Billie's first guitar?
    blue Stratocaster.
    blue Gibson SG.
    blue Telecaster.
    blue Les Paul.
    None of these.

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