The *Friends* Guest Star quiz part 2

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Take this quiz for more questions about Friends' guest stars!

  • 1
    In TOW the Ultimate Fighting Champion, 2 famous guest stars have an argument on the couch in Central Perk. Who were they?
    Billy Crystal & Ben Stiller
    Billy Crystal & Robin Williams
    Paul Rudd & Alec Baldwin
    Robin Williams & Bruce Willis
    Charlie Sheen & Alec Baldwin
  • 2
    ___________ plays Will Colbert, a guy from Lincoln High who hates Rachel.
    Paul Rudd
    Jon Favreau
    Brad Pitt
    Mitchell Whitfield
  • 3
    In The One After the Superbowl pt. 2, Chandler dates woman played by Julia Roberts who used to be in Chandler's class. He lifted her skirt some 20 years ago at which she earned a long-lasting nickname. What was her name?
  • 4
    Winona Ryder plays Melissa Warburton, a former sorority sister of Rachel's. Why does Rachel bring Phoebe along to her dinner date with Melissa?
    She thought Phoebe might be interested in party planning
    To prove she had friends in college
    She just didn't want to go alone
    To prove that they kissed in college
  • 5
    Charlie Sheen plays Ryan, a naval officer who romances Phoebe. When he comes back, what ruins their week together?
    food poisoning
    the flu
    an annoying ex-girlfriend
    the chicken pox
  • 6
    Why does Rachel eventually dump Elizabeth's dad, Paul Stevens, who is played by Bruce Willis?
    He is mean to Ross
    He is too old
    He is too strict with his daughter
    He is too emotional
  • 7
    What is strange about Rachel's boyfriend Tommy (played by Ben Stiller) which at first only Ross sees?
    He picks his nose
    He cries when no one's looking
    He playfully hits too hard
    His hot temper
  • 8
    Who plays the Geller's cousin Cassie who Ross has a strange attraction to?
    Brooke Shields
    Jill Goodacre
    Elle McPherson
    Denise Richards
  • 9
    Which one of these guest stars does not play himself on the show?
    Jean Claude van Damme
    Jon Lovitz
    Jay Leno
    Charleton Heston
    Jill Goodacre
  • 10
    Before Giovanni Ribisi pops up in the show as Frank Buffay Jr., Phoebe's younger brother, we see him briefly in a random scene doing what?
    Waiting tables at Central Perk
    Looking for something he dropped in the Salvation army bin
    Looking for a condom he dropped in Phoebe's guitar case
    Just walking on the street

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