How Random Are You?

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Title explains it! Hope you have fun with this! XD

  • 1
    Do you like to swim?
    Yesh! I swim with my little duckie Vladmir! He's growing up so fast *tears up*
    No. I don't like getting wet!
  • 2
    Pluto is too wet
    My Great granddog lives on Pluto... He floats around alot
    Pluto! That's not a question stupid!
  • 3
    My Bologna has a first name!
    IT'S MAYER! *starts to drool*
    What? This is a stupid test! these aren't even questions!
    No, it's just bologna
  • 4
    Do you like to skateboard?
    Yes. it actually is therapeutic to me!
    No. It hurts you! my poor Giraffe Pinklewinky fell off it and scraped his knee!
    Yeah. You can't get wet.
  • 5
    A Magic bean is found in your closet. obviously, the lawn gnomes have been in your closet snooping around. What do you do?
    I'd bear my claws out at them next time I saw them
    I confront them. this is the 3rd time they've done this!
    There's no such thing as magic beans you idiot! Gawsh if you had at least the common sense of a gnat you'd figure that out!
  • 6
    Are you my friend?
    yes! You seem like a friendly chap *eats a crumpet* this tea is delicious, isn't it Vladmir? Vladmir: *Quack!*
    idk... only if you like fish
    I've never met you! but, I guess you're my friend, and sorry for the rude remarks lately
  • 7
    *quack quack* goes Vladmir! *gasp* he actually quacked! He's all grown up! *eyes tear up* will someone give me a hankie?
    Here you go! my little Vladmir made his first quack too! I feel so old now!
    I eat ducks
    Who's Vladmir? am I the only sane one here?
  • 8
    "I fell in fear, upon my back
    He said 'Don't look back, just keep on walking.'
    When the big black horse said, 'Hey lady!'
    Said, 'Look this way, will you marry me?'" What song was that?
    Horses can stomp me, for I am very little
    Of course that was... *looks it up* I have no Idea!
    It's of course it was "Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree!"
  • 9
    Will you miss me when I leave?
    *Cries* Yes! I will! and so will little Vladmir and the talking bowl of ice cream and spoon! We will mourn for 7 days and 7 nights!
    I guess. Even if your randomness irritates me
    Um... no. You think ducks are your friend. They're my enemy
  • 10
    What are you?
    I'm a normal human being, and you are a freak!
    I am a cat. I hate the rain
    I am a froggie named Puablo! I lived on Pluto and Migrated to earth =]

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