What kind of person are you? REALLY?

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This test is to see who you really are, and how you live your life.

  • 1
    What is your typical Saturday?
    You are chilling with your friends. You go to a movie, a coffee shop, or a concert.
    At the mall. You are buying the latest trends, and are flirting with the hottest boys. Later that night you might go to a party.
    Home alone. You get no phone calls or visits. You probably would sit at home all day reading, and doing science experiments.
    You are seen reading in the park, maybe having a picnic with friends. Yoga, and some animal rights protests in the afternoon.
  • 2
    What's your clothing style?
    Sweatpants and a Pokemon shirt.
    Tight jeans, band shirts, bandanas, converse, skater shoes, studded belt.
    Mini-skirts, tank tops, high heels.
    All natural! You don't wear any animals, and you like being comfortable.
  • 3
    How do you wear you make-up?
    Whatever matches your outfit.
    Makeup? What? Never, my mom says not until I'm 30.
    Concealer, foundation, blush, eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip-gloss.
    All natural baby! No makeup, except for special occasions.
  • 4
    If your friend was having a huge party, what would you do the night before? Would you even go?
    Friends? What friends? I went to a birthday party once..... when I was 7....
    Depends on who's going to be there, and if they play kickass tunes.
    No, I am going to the capital to protest stuff.
    Well, duh, of course I', going. Unless that hot boy from Bio asks me out on a date.
  • 5
    What music do you listen to?
    Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, 50 Cent, Wu Tang Clan, Ashlee Simpson.
    The Blood Brothers, The Ramones, The Distillers, From First to Last, UnderOATH.
    I listen to anime soundtracks.
    80's! Or anything that is relaxing, and that no one else likes to listen to.
  • 6
    If your friend was going through a hard time, what would you say or do to help?
    Dude, are you ok?
    Uhh... Why do I care? Girl, come on, lets go shopping and solve your stupid problems.
    Awww, its okay, everything will be fine soon! Let's go grab some tea.
  • 7
    Which celebrity do you resemble most?
    I don't know.
    Kelly Osbourne
    Lindsay Lohan
  • 8
    When walking down the hall, and a hot guy whistles at you, what do you do?
    Slap him.
    That would neeeeevvver happen.
    Become flattered.
    I'm used to it. They come crawling after me.
  • 9
    What kind of movie would you be most likely to see?
    Mean Girls.
    American History X
    Anime movies!
    An underground indie film.
  • 10
    How are your grades in school?
    I try my best...
    Pretty good.
    Straight A's.
    Who cares about grades?
  • 11
    Do you care about your appearance?
    DUH! I watch my weight, clean my skin, wash my hair, and clean my nails everyday.
    I never have.
    Well, sort of, it depends on how I'm feeling.
    No, no one really notices, so I don't mind.
  • 12
    What's on your mind right now?

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