Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

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Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you? Find out. I know I made another quiz like this, but I think this one is better!

  • 1
    In a mutiny, who would you be?
    The one they are mutinying....if that's a word. Not many people agree with me.
    Huh? I'm not a pirate. I've never met one and I hope I never will.
    I wouldn't be in a mutiny. I'm too dignified.
    The leader of the mutiny. I'm very rebellious.
    What are we talking about?
  • 2
    If you were stranded on an island, what would you do?
    I would try to figure out how to get off. No matter the consequences of my actions.
    Why are you asking me this? I'm not the island type. I'd probably freak.
    I would enjoy myself. There's no rush.
    I would be the one stranding you on the island.
    I would be the one rescuing the people on the island.
  • 3
    What is your favorite place to be?
    Everywhere....I think....What are we talking about?
    Some where I feel loved and yet where I feel independent.
    Somewhere there's food.
    Somewhere I feel comfortable talking to the others there.
    In my room. It's very relaxing.
  • 4
    What are you likely to say?
    Something polite.
    Something true but scary.
    Something brave and truthful.
    Something extremely confusing.
  • 5
    If you were being hung, what would it be for?
    Just about everything.
    Taking rash actions to help the ones I love.
    I'd be watching the hanging.
    Being hung? Me? I'm too dignified for such.
  • 6
    What are you known for?
    My honesty
    My stupidity
    My independence
    My persuasivness
    My dignity
  • 7
    Look in the mirror...how's your hair?
    I have hair?
    The prettiest way I can wear it.
    The same way it was yesterday. That reminds me, I better wash it....Next week.
    You can't tell because of the hat I'm wearing.
  • 8
    And your clothes are.....
    The something I wore yesterday.
    The latest fashion.
    Comfortable and normal. Nothing too extreme.
    Are you saying there's something wrong with my clothes! *sobs*
    Dirty. *smells clothes. gags*
  • 9
    What is your personality? (better have someone else answer this for you...It may be a different answer than what you think.)
  • 10
    What would you do if you were locked in a prison?
    I wouldn't be in the prison. I obey the law.
    I would be the one out side the cell making fun of the ones inside it.
    Call for the keys.
    I would be the one trying to get you out.
    What? Why are you asking me this? I didn't do anything! I demand to see a lawyer!
  • 11
    What is your favorite color?
    Oohhh....Pretty rainbow....
    Something sensible.
    Something dark and natural.
    Nothing too stupid.
    I don't have time to think of such stupid questions.
  • 12
    How about your favorite food?
  • 13
    What do you do if your love is in the hands of thieves and mutineers?
    Trick someone to go get him/her.
    I would be the one they kidnapped.
    I don't have any friends. Don't need them.
    I would be the one your love would be in the hands of.
  • 14
    What would you do if you were cursed?
    Try to lift it as soon as possible.
    I wouldn't be cursed at all.
    I'm not cursed. I was given the stolen treasure. Honest.
    I wouldn't be cursed. Not until the oppurtune moment.
    Curse? I'M CURSED! OH NO!
  • 15
    What would you do if you didn't do your homework?
    "My dog ate my homework."
    "What's homework?"
    Told the truth.
    I would have done it.
    There's no sense in homework.
  • 16
    What about you makes people annoyed? (better have someone answer this one for you, too.)
    My stupidity.
    My bossiness.
    My politeness.
    My weirdness.
  • 17
    Okay, you fall off a high building or a cliff and into the ocean below, what would you do?
    I don't know.
    I would be the one saving the person who fell in.
    I would probably be the one who pushed you.
    Swim to a ship or land.
  • 18
    Someone stole something of yours....
    I would find who took it and ask for it back.
    I would do what ever it takes to get it back.
    It depends on what it was.
    I would be the one who stole it.
    I would cry.
  • 19
    Okay, say YOU stole something. What would it be?
    I borrow...Borrow with out permission.
    Nothing. Unless it would help someone I love.
    I would never steal!
  • 20
    What does your room look like?
    Huh? Why are you asking me this?
    I share a room. I don't care, though.
    Posters everywhere.
  • 21
    There's a book on your bed. What is it?
    My diary.
    What book?
    There is no book. I know everything I plan on knowing.
    What's a book?
  • 22
    What is your favorite design on your clothes?
    Something plain.
    I have no design on my clothes.
    Something fashionable. What ever it is.
    Something I can get dirty and not have to wash for a while.
  • 23
    How long can you stay still or not talk?
    (spinning around in circles)WEEEEEEE.................
    Forever if you wanted me to. I don't mind.
    I always do it.
    IDK. I never tried.
    Both? Never. One? Maybe 5 seconds.
  • 24
    What is your favorite animal?
    Something independent. Like me.
    A donkey. Very helpful animals.
    (singing) "I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas......"
    Who cares?
    A cat.
  • 25
    What did you think of this quiz?
    Cool and sensitive.
    "What quiz?"

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