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Are you a fan of Grey's Anatomy? See how much you know about seasons 1 & 2.

  • 1
    What is the name of the hospital the doctors work at?
    County General
    Seattle Grace
    Chicago Memorial
  • 2
    Who plays Dr. Derek Shepherd?
    Hugh Laurie
    Patrick Dempsey
    Mandy Patinkin
    George Clooney
    Noah Wylie
  • 3
    What endearing nickname have the lady interns given Dr. Shepherd?
    There is no nickname.
  • 4
    In the first episode of Season 1, what did 2 characters do wrong that should be grounds for termination at any hospital?
    Dr. Shepherd helped Alex deliberately withhold medicine from a patient
    Dr. Stevens and Dr. Yang gave the wrong blood to a patient causing his death.
    Meredith slept with her boss (Dr. Shepherd)
  • 5
    What actress from Grey's is going to be in this year's thriller starring Robin Williams?
    Katherine Heigl
    Sandra Oh
    Chandra Wilson
    Kate Walsh
    Ellen Pompeo
  • 6
    What was Season 1 Episode 1 titled?
    First day
    A Hard Day's Night
    Grey's nightmare
  • 7
    What distinct characteristics do the episode titles for both seasons have?
    They're all song titles or have some variation of the title in the song.
    They're all movie titles
    They're all book titles
  • 8
    In one episode, Yang, Izzie and Meredith steal a patient who has an unusual symptom. What is it?
    A woman with male parts.
    A man who appears to be pregnant.
    A baby with extra limbs
  • 9
    Why did Christina and Izzie perform an illegal autopsy?
    To prove the patient's death wasn't caused by Christina.
    They hated working there so they were trying to get fired.
    To steal an organ as a prank.
  • 10
    What nickname does Dr. Bailey go by?
    Dr. Dread
    The Wicked Witch of the West
    The Nazi
  • 11
    What is the term for a doctor who's sure to botch up a surgery.
    Dr. Death
    Killer surgeon
  • 12
    According to the anesthesiologist in episode 16 of Season 2 (The End Of The World), what does the bomb squad call it when you blow up?
    Pink mist
    casualty of war
    shark bait
  • 13
    Which character on the show is gay?
    Joe the bartender
    the chief
  • 14
    How did George get syphilis?
    From his one-night stand who got it from Alex
    from a prostitute
    he never had it.
    from Izzie
  • 15
    What one detail did Meredith find out about Dr. Shepherd (other than he was her boss) that caused their relationship to end?
    She found out he got Izzie pregnant
    She found out he had a record
    She found out he was married.
  • 16
    Before becoming a doctor, what was Izzie's one-time job and what name did she go by?
    She was an author under the name Laura Wilder
    She never had another job
    She was in a porno flick under the name Bree Sunshine
    She posed in a nudie under the name Bethany Whispers
  • 17
    As of Season 2, how many female characters
    have kids or have been pregnant and who are the characters?
    No one has any kids nor have they been pregnant.
    3-Bailey, Izzie, and Christina (who was pregnant)
    4-Bailey, Merideth, Addison, and Callie
  • 18
    What is Addison Shepherd's specialty?
  • 19
    As of 2006, how many big screen or straight to video movies has Patrick Dempsey been in? (not including made for TV)
  • 20
    Hottie Justin Chambers was in the 2001 movie "Musketeer". Which Musketeer did he play?
    He didn't play a musketeer. He played the king.

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