Commercials are the next best thing!

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After House and Criminal Minds (not necessarily in that order) of course. Commercials never get any love and I think it's about time they did. In this quiz, you will guess what the commercial is advertising through the commercial itself, jingle, or motto.

  • 1
    One million degrees. It's like one billion degrees. It's like one trillion degreeeeesss, from the hot parking lot to the sand that is not so coooooool.
    Dunkin Donuts coolata
    Dunkin Donuts ice coffee
    Dunkin Donuts smoothie
  • 2
    Two guys are in a locker room comparing phones and the first guy says to the other guy, "Mine has crime deterrent." The other guy says "What?" Then the first guy says "Try to take my wallet." As the other guy is doing this the first guy throws his phone at the other guys head.
  • 3
    If you can think it you can shrink it!
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures
    Miniature golf balls
    Shrinky Dink
  • 4
    Swimming, soccer, ballet, oboe, and last but not least...KARATE! Swimming, soccer, ballet, oboe, and just one more time...KARATE!
    Tiger *something with an "S"* Karate school
    Dunkin Donuts Smoothie
  • 5
    We live where you live. Like a good neighbor _____ _____ is there.
    All State
    State Farm
  • 6
    That big cheesy taste that'll blow you awaaayyyy. They're crumbalievable.
    Craft singles
    Cheez-it crackers
    Velveeta cheese
  • 7
    Ask now ask how ask _______ _______.
    Shop Rite
    Sherwin Williams
    My mom
  • 8
    Trust ______ for the rest of your life.
    Gold Star
  • 9
    It's good to go.
    Taco Bell
    Chic Fila
    Best Buy
  • 10
    Do what tastes right.
    Burger King
  • 11
    If you had a nickel what would you do with it?
    Bank of America
    This isn't a commercial
  • 12
    Be you. Do what you do. Be you, nothing's better __ ______
    Dr. Pepper
    Coca Cola

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