Are you ready to switch to a MAC?

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Take this test to see if you are ready to make the switch from a PC to a new Apple!

  • 1
    What is the Apple equivalent to "Windows" system software?
  • 2
    The "Close Window" box appears in the ______ upper corner and is colored ________.
    Left, Red
    Right, Yellow
    Left, Green
    Left, Yellow
    Right, Red
  • 3
    The Mac equivalent of the "Task Bar" at the bottom of a PC is the ...
    Menu Bar
    Icon Holder
    Shorcut Bar
  • 4
    To "right" click on a Mac (to bring up hidden menus and such) is done by holding down this button while clicking the mouse.
  • 5
    Why doesn't EVERY window contain a Menu bar like on a PC?
    Because the Dock provides all the features of a menu bar.
    Because there is one menu bar that changes to accommodate whatever application is active.
    Because the menus are hidden by default and can shown by clicking the button in the upper right corner.
    Because the Mac doesn't use Menus.
  • 6
    How do I know what Application is active?
    The application name is displayed in the left end of the menu bar.
    You can tell by context clues in the open windows.
    There will be a black triangle beneath its icon in the dock.
    The windows will have the application name at the top.
  • 7
    Which application is NOT part of the iLife Suite?
    Garage Band
  • 8
    How is the Mac search bar different from the Windows XP search?
    There really are no differences.
    Spotlight is located in the "Apple" menu, instead of the "Start" menu
    Spotlight searches the entire hard drive instantly, from Word Documents to Mail Messages.
    Spotlight isn't as fast as WindowXP.
  • 9
    The most current edition of the Mac Operating system is (as of fall 2006):
  • 10
    What is the built in Web browsing software that comes on a Mac?
    Internet Explorer
  • 11
    What is the built in e-mail program that comes with a Mac
    Address Book
  • 12
    How can I organize all my MP3's on a Mac?
    iTunes comes preloaded, and works the same way as the Windows version.
    Keep your music in folders just like on a PC.
    Macs can't play MP3.
    You will have to download an MP3 organizing program.
  • 13
    What are Widgets?
    Little annoying apps that clutter up the desktop.
    Programming codes that add new features to old applications.
    Java-based internet games.
    Mini applications that run in the background and are summoned by pressing F12.
  • 14
    Where can I go to get help with my Apple?
    Ask Jeeves.
    call a friend
    buy a book
  • 15
    The Alt key on a PC is like the ___ key on a Mac.
  • 16
    How do I use keyboard short cuts, like Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V)?
    Use the same key combination as you do in Window.
    Instead of using Ctrl, use Command (the key with the Apple logo): Command+C = Copy
    Hold down Ctrl and Type the full command: Ctrl+COPY = Copy
    Keyboard shortcuts are not allowed.
  • 17
    What all does the Apple Menu have?
    System Preferences, Software Updates, Shut Down, Recent Items
    Cut, Copy, Paste
    Quit Application, Save, New
    Access to all the programs loaded on the computer
  • 18
    When I put in a CD or external HD, how do I access it?
    A CD or hard drive icon will automatically appear on the desktop, double click to open.
    Under the File Menu, select New and type the disk drives address in the address panel.
    Open up "My Computer" and see if you can find it there.
    You must first restart the computer to see anything new that is added.
  • 19
    The Recycle Bin in Windows is like the _________ in the Mac. (located in the Dock)
    Waster Paper Basket
    Deleted item folder
  • 20
    What will happen if I drag a CD to the Trash?
    The contents of the trash will be backed up onto the CD.
    Nothing, you can't throw away a CD.
    You will be asked if you want to reformat the disk.
    It will instantly erase the CD without warning.
    The Trash become an Eject icon and the disk will be ejected.
  • 21
    What is Expose?
    An elegant and innovative way to work with multiple open window and switch back and forth between them.
    A program for organizing widgets.
    Programming software.
    Something that won't be offered until the next system software update.
  • 22
    What is the Screen Capture key combination for Macs?
    Macs don't have this feature
  • 23
    What is the biggest difference in the NEW MacBooks from previous Mac laptops?
    The new super-fast Intel Core Duo processor
    They only come in Black now.
    The operating system is Unix based.
    iLife comes preloaded.
  • 24
    What can I do with iPhoto 06?
    Create dazzling slideshows, books, calendars and more!
    Share photos via E-mail, webpages, or photo-casts.
    Everything listed here is easy to do with iPhoto 06
    Import, organize and edit photos.
    Access my photo library from other iLife Applications, like iWeb, and iMovie.
  • 25
    Which Mac is right for you? Pick which Mac: Description is mix INCORRECT?
    All of these descriptions accurately describe the Mac product paired with it.
    MacPro: Newest edition, fastest Mac desktop for the serious Mac user and professionals. A very powerful machine with room to expand.
    Mac Mini: Inexpensive and perfect for a new switcher. Use the Monitor and keyboard you already have to transform you desktop PC into a Mac.
    iMac: Compact and elegant design, with all you need in a small space. Even has a built in web cam.
    MacBook: Portable with great features, comes in two colors: white and black, all are 13" screens.

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