What type of pokemon are you? The serious version

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This test forgoes the ‘favourite’ questions, leaving the ones that actually matter. I can only put five types down, but they are at all ends of the spectrum. Entering true answers is always more gratifying than entering fake ones.

  • 1
    The sun is shining outside, but you are close to completing a track on your keyboard. What do you do?
    Close the curtains and turn the volume up. This gets full priority. You create a masterpiece –you knew you would.
    The song was good, but nature calls, you switch off the keyboard but forget to save. Ah, well at least I can run around unhindered by indoors.
    You bring the keyboard outside. Logic triumphs again, you make quite a decent track. Nothing groundbreaking, but good.
    You stick at it doggedly, and make quite a good job of it, but not as good as if the sun was in.
    You switch off the instrument, and run outside, looking for a physical game to test your sports brain and quick reflexes.
  • 2
    You are standing by some dustbins outside of school, when your enemy comes up to you with a crowd of your friends, his friends, and many bystanders. He/She unleashes a volley of stinging jibes at you concerning many sensitive subjects. What do you do?
    You revel in the challenge, giving as good as you get. You win in the end, but feelings are hurt and large divides occur between friends. Oh, well, on to the next topic of the day.
    Your enemy never gets close. You know what the situation means, and run.
    You warn your verbal attacker repeatedly about pushing you. They don’t listen. You march up and deliver a swift punch in the stomach. Your enemy falls. Everyone leaves quickly. Victory.
    You stand, arms folded. The attack is half-hearted. You walk up and whisper something in your enemy’s ear. They collapse, stunned. Everyone whispers in amazement. You leave quietly.
    You stare and scowl, the volley of insults subsides eventually. You don’t say a word. The crowd vanishes-bored. Your best friends congratulate you.
  • 3
    You wrestle for the state, and you are drawn against a former champion. You are given two weeks notice. You are a rookie. What do you do?
    You train like a maniac, win barely, and bask in the resulting glory.
    This is your life; you can not lose. You win for personal pride, but congratulate he loser, reminding them that you hold them in high regard. No hard feelings. This is purely professional.
    You keep your old routine, and win after a long fight, executing each move by the book; adaptation and tricks don’t faze you.
    You fight valiantly but fail, the match is considered the best of the tournament, you win prize for most stylish fighter and win the tournament the following year anyway.
    There is no way you can win on brawn. You send you opponent anonymous mail about the fight psyching them out. They resign before the match begins.
  • 4
    A career-guidance test begins. The papers lie blank on the desk in front of you. What do you put down?
    This test humors you. You are a straight A+ student, but you have done research and you put down the textbook answer for mass-murderer. Mildly funny.
    You are destined for he stars. You put down the answers you like, but you will be a celebrity one day. This test doesn’t matter.
    This test won’t decide your career choice. Your path has been chosen. You are in school because of your mom only. You answer randomly.
    You like answer A. You seem to like all the answer A’s. No, wait, one B. You answer A instead.
    You are good, no denying it. You ham up the answers. You will be great!
  • 5
    You fight with your friend. What is your reaction when asked about it afterwards?
    ‘I am so deeply sorry. My actions were abominable! I hope my friend will find it in their heart to forgive me. Sniff.’
    ‘My friend will hopefully survive the operation. I am deeply sorry, but he/she compelled me to act.’
    ‘That was a great scrap yesterday! My black eye’s a real shiner! We’re best pals again now.’
    ‘I am not apologizing. There is absolutely no way.’ You don’t.
    ‘Wrong. He/She fought with me. I said nothing’ This is true, and also the reason why the fight escalated. ‘He/She is now leaving town. So?’
  • 6
    You are asked to participate in a video-game contest for the release of the console. What happens?
    You are ecstatic. You play with aplomb and win hands-down. The gaming world applauds you. Of course the prize was going to be yours.
    You are great at video games. Surprising, but you must defend your reputation. You win. You had to.
    You are good at this game, but not as good as the other contestants. You find a way to make the game crash. The company bribes the media to keep this under wraps. They award you first place to keep your mouth shut. You blab. The company goes bust shortly after. You become the only person to own this console. Good.
    You are losing badly, but you come back in a blaze of glory. It’s a photo finish score-wise, but you win. Yes!
    The game is played by the same principals as all other games you like to play. You play this game no differently. You win.
  • 7
    You are selling fake comic books in the school yard and you are exposed. What do you do?
    You request your punishment to be softer but longer. You can stand that. You can also put up with the jibes. They will go in time.
    You make a show of it. It reaches state media. Brilliant, any media is good media.
    Your punishment is harsh but short. Afterwards you track down the whistle-blower and put him/her in hospital. Serves him/her right.
    You frame someone else. He/She gets expelled. He/She was closest to what you would call a rival. That was disgustingly easy.
    You accept your punishment with bowed head. It is just. You shouldn't have done it in the first place.
  • 8
    You are beaten at one-on-one basketball. You are famed for this sport and you lose terribly. What is your reaction?
    You go into deep depression. Afterwards you leak some false information about long-running feuds to get the school paper interested. This might turn out well after all.
    This cannot happen. You fall badly after a jump and break your leg purposefully. You blame this on your rival and he/she is banned indefinitely from basketball in school. The pain is endured.
    You are scarred for life. You compensate by re-challenging him/her and thrashing them after intense training. You crush them and they never play again.
    You ignore the jibes and insults. Your team place is unaffected. So what else matters?
    You must reclaim your title. You justly do so, but you acknowledge your adversary’s talent and persuade your coach to let him/her onto the first team. You become brilliant team-mates.
  • 9
    You fall for a girl/boy for the first time. What is your reaction?
    ‘The first time? You must be kidding!’ The relationship is passionate but short. You break up after two weeks.
    These emotions startle you, however, on some weird impulse, you give in to them. Your future wife/husband is this person.
    You let your emotions take you over. It is the best thing ever, and when you unfortunately break up, you cry for three days straight.
    You take it in your stride. You have the same girl/boyfriend for three years. You break up eventually, but it is painless and you are still friends.
    The relationship is very proper, but your feelings are never realized. The relationship was doomed to fail.
  • 10
    Your computer crashes. What do you do?
    It has crashed badly. You try some key combinations. It doesn’t work. You kick the computer and break it. You storm off.
    You keep trying to fix it, and eventually your perseverance pays off.
    You move your computer to your grandma’s house. You call the computer doctor to her house under a false name. They fix it. You tell your grandma it is the electrician and she pays them (she suffers from loss of memory).
    You wail about it for an hour, then phone your friend and soon forget about it.
    This is left to the professionals. You take the computer to the computer shop but the sales person says you could fix it yourself. You insist that it be fixed professionally. You pay a lot of money for the job.

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