What stereotype are you?

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Are you a hippie, a goth, an athlete, a Greek god, or a duck?

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    I have to ask this question at some point, so let's get it over with. What's your favorite color?
    Oh wasn't it a bit of luck that I was born a baby duck with yellow socks and yellow shoes and I may go wherever I choose.
    Black and red.
    I love them all! Except for black.
    I created all the colors, so I like them all.
    My team colors! We'll stick together for the blue and the gold!
  • 2
    Where do you live?
    On a 100% organic pesticide-free farm in Montana.
    In the suburbs, but I spend all my time at the football field so I guess that counts as my home.
    In a pond! Quack!
    On Mount Olympus, watching over my creation.
    In a dark room.
  • 3
    What do you think of animals?
    Kill them all! Their fluffy happiness is disgusting.
    Animals can eat me up! Oh no! QUACK!
    Support animal rights! I am a strict vegetarian and don't you forget it, Regina Ugliman. (that's not my real name by the way)
    I created them all for a different pupose, except the goat, who I created for no reason one day when I was bored.
    The only animal I care about is my team mascot, the tiger! T-I-G-E-R-S TIGERS!
  • 4
    What color hair and eyes do you have?
    Naturally brown, naturally blue. I don't believe in dye.
    Cut so short I can't tell, contact lenses in my team colors! GO TIGERS!
    I have flowing white hair and golden, all-seeing eyes.
    Yellow! Quack quack quack quack quack quack quaaaaaaack!
    Dyed black, black contacts.
  • 5
    What's your favorite food?
    Those tasty hot dogs they sell at my games.
    Organic carrot sticks grown on my own farm.
    Ambrosia and nectar.
    Yummy pond plants, also those great little pieces of Wonderbread the nice people throw at me when they come to visit!
  • 6
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Paddle around, quack, eat leaves, quack, bite people with my bill, quack, quack, quack.
    I enjoy protesting women's rights, also knitting using fake wool. I would never shear a poor sheep!
    Listen to death metal, cut myself, think suicidal thoughts. You know the norm.
    I engage my creation in those hilarious wars they have. I remember the Trojan War had me in stitches!
    Sports! Sports! Sports!
  • 7
    Do you have many friends?
    Tons, and we all get together to do yoga on weekends.
    Yes, the ones who go to metal concerts with me and dress in all black.
    Yes, but sometimes the gods can get so jealous. Oh, no, they're fighting over that stupid apple again.
    Yes! Mommy and my brothers and sisters play ducky games with me.
    My whole football team!
  • 8
    What's your favorite type of music?
    The music of the marching band at halftime, even if it is out of tune.
    Two words. Death. Metal.
    Symphonies composed by the gods of music.
    I enjoy psychedelic war protest tunes.
    Quack! Quack! Quack!
  • 9
    What kind of clothes do you usually wear?
    Black baggy pants, hoodies with skulls on them, and lots of heavy chains.
    My football gear.
    Long fringe skirts and peasant tops I knitted myself.
    Tunics, that's what everybody wears.
    Nothing, I have nice fluffy feathers to keep me warm.
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?
    No. I hope you and your entire family die a miserable death. While we're at it, I wish I could die a miserable death.
    It was good for a mere mortal.
    Yeah. Oh crap, I've got a game in five minutes!

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