Which Sweet Valley Girl Are YOU?

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Sure, they're HOT and we all wish we could have their boyfriends (blee!) but which one could you easily replace? Liz, Jess, Lila, Melissa or Tia?

  • 1
    If you found out your boyfriend cheated on you, you would...
    Get him back, now you have an excuse to make out with other guys AND not get yelled out for 'cheating'
    Dump him and make it hell for the girl he cheated on you with. She should've known you had claws!
    Calmly tell him it's over then cry yourself to sleep
    Slap him hard across the face and then secretly make his life hell. How COULD he!
    Make a tantrum in front of EVERYBODY! Everyone deserves to know what a dweeb he is!
  • 2
    Woo-hoo! Its the party of the YEAR! What would you dress in?
    Something like a long, tight black dress to enhance your features and make you look exotic. You finish the look with piling your hair high and high heels.
    A low-cut top with a loose skirt up to your knees. The colours would be all pale as you like to look sweet and innocent.
    Maybe a cute tee and stylish jeans. You like to look plain and simple.
    Whatever's HOT at the moment. You browse through the catalogues and pick out the clothes with good brands and style.
    You like to wear hot pink or firing red so the guys will drool when you're near. You like to wear thin strap or no strap tops with a sexy mini. To make sure you look perfect, you add touches of make up, of course! Yerow!
  • 3
    What one quality must your best friend have?
    A danger streak. She isn't scared of much and is willing to take risks.
    Style. She must know how to dress or else she'll embarrass you in public.
    Fun! She must have a bone in her somewhere where she likes to part-tey!
    Loyalty. She will stick by your side no matter how misfit you end up being.
    Sense. She must know when to say no and when to stop with all this mischief.
  • 4
    What do you want to be when you grow up? (I know what you want to be probably isn't one of the options but lets say you had to choose one of the following, which would it be?)
    A happily married wife with children!: D
    A model.
    Someone that gets to try out cosmetics (as long as it doesn't damage my skin!)
    A cheerleading teacher or something physical AND sexy.
    Something where I can write.
  • 5
    In the yearbook, which category do you think you would fall under?
    Richest. No surprise, I'm rich, baby
    Funnest. I just make everyone's dull life full of life!
    Most Popular. Everyone just seems to know who I am.
    Smartest. Its not my fault I'm smart, don't we all want to be smart anyway?
    Best Looking. I can't help it if I'm hot, can I?
  • 6
    Pick a colour. (This has more meaning but if I told you it wouldn't have any meaning).
  • 7
    What would you be most likely doing on the weekend?
    Hanging with my boyfriend because we just can't get enough of each other (not just physically!)
    Going out and hanging with friends.
    Going to parties and rocking the whole place up.
    Doing homework or reading.
  • 8
    If you saw a total hottie in your class, what would you do?
    Pretend to ask for help with a question.
    Write a suggestive note to him.
    If he sitting by himself, go sit with him. If he's sitting with people, join him anyway,
    Make a paper plane and throw it at him.
    Ignore him. It's the best way to get his attention.
  • 9
    What would you love for a pet?
    Guinea pig. How cute playing with those little, furry pets? Aww!
    A horse. It may not fit in your backyard but it'll be fun to ride one!
    Cat. They can be good companions and they will be clean.
    Fish. They're peaceful and won't bother you and will never be in your way.
    Dog. They're fun, loving and will always make you feel better.
  • 10
    Which guy is perfect? (I know they all are except *one* but you can only pick one...sorry!)
    Jeremy Aames. Not only is he hot, he's a gun at footy and will treat me like a princess!
    Angel Desmond. *sighs dreamily* he's totally devoted to me and he may be sarcastic but he does care about me deep inside.
    Will Simmons. Okay, he may cheat but doesn't that mean I can too? I can then be in a no-strings attached relationship!:)
    Ken Matthews. He's still mourning over Olivia but he's a quiet achiever that should be credited too!
    Conner McDermott. Yum! He may be broody but he can write songs (for me!) and sing too. A total musician!