Yrch, Quendi, or Atani

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Are you of the Quendi? What about the Atani? Or are you an Yrch? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Choose one.
  • 2
    Choose the one you prefer.
  • 3
    Choose your preference.
  • 4
    Choose the one most like you.
  • 5
    Out of these powers, which would you pick?
    The Ability to Kill
    The Ability to Control Others
    Preservation and Healing
  • 6
    Choose your preference.
    To be third, and to make no beautiful things, but destroy everything made by the first two.
    To be second, and not as talented as the first, but to have your works last forever.
    To be first, and to make beautiful things, but to watch them be destroyed by the second and third.
  • 7
    Your best friend is in mortal danger. You can save them, but you will die for sure. What do you do?
    Save yourself, but live with the guilt of letting your friend die.
    Save yourself and have no regrets. You were just looking out for number one.
    Save your friend, but die.
  • 8
    Someone is promising you riches and power beyond imagination. All you have to do is drop your friend, who is relying on you to help them out. What do you do?
    Ignore the offers and keep your friend.
    Take the offer, but have regrets.
    Take the offer with no hesitation. Just looking out for number one.
  • 9
    Pick the one that appeals to you.
    To go off into the unknown, seeking adventure where you will surely die.
    To live a free life with nothing changing at all, but to live in safety and health.
    Live under the influence of a cruel but exciting king!
  • 10
    You have a choice. There is something that could make all your dreams come true, but there is also a small chance it could hurt many, many people. You can take it or leave it. What do you do?
    Take it. It's just a small chance, and I could have anything I ever wanted.
    Leave it. The risk is not worth it.
    Take it. Who cares if anyone gets hurt? I could be rich!
  • 11
    There is someone who is offering to help you become hugely famous. This person has deceived you before, but they say it was all in fun. Do you accept or reject their offer?
    Reject it. Nothing good can come from a known liar.
    Accept it. It was just in fun, and this is too good of a thing to pass up.
    Accept it willingly. I might be humiliated again, but I could also become hugely powerful, and that's worth the risk.

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