Are You Bored? This Quiz Will Tell You How Bored You Really Are.

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10 Questions - Developed by: d - Developed on: - 1.130.597 taken - User Rating: 2.82 of 5.0 - 3.829 Votes

Are you really that bored? If you are, here's a quiz for you. It will tell you if you are really bored right now. There are 10 questions.

  • 1
    Why did you take this quiz?
    Good question.
    I'm bored.
    I don't know. Looks different from other quizzes.
  • 2
    How bored were you before you started this quiz?
    I had better things to do than take this lame quiz.
    Really Really Bored.
    I guess I was kind of bored.
  • 3
    What do you do when you are bored?
    Take quizzes.
    I don't know. Lots of stuff. Like this dumb quiz.
  • 4
    What do you think of this quiz so far?
    It's boring but it's something to do for now.
    It's horrible!
    It's okay.
  • 5
    Spell "BORING" backwards.
    Uh, let me see. G-O-R.......uh.......
    No. OMG! Why am I taking this stupid quiz?
  • 6
    This is an important question. Is this quiz a waste of time?
    It's something to do.
    You said it, not me.
  • 7
    Pick a word.
    Is it okay if I use four words? Like, I HATE THIS QUIZ?
  • 8
    How does this quiz make you feel?
    Like there's something wrong with me for taking it.
    I don't know.
  • 9
    This will affect your score. Are you going to rate this quiz?
    No. What a waste of time.
    Yeah but I'll give it a one. This quiz is really bad, man.
  • 10
    Last question. Hmmm.... I can't think of a question. Oh well. What do you have to say?
    I'm bored.

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Someone ( 43010 )
Posted 9 hours ago
50% yeah sure I was bored and I am bored this was the worst quiz I've ever taken and I was muuuuuuuuuuch more bored than that and still am in fact I don't even feel any better this just made me much worse You know I don't even know why i'm writing this comment so GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1000000000000000000 ( 07141 )
Posted Yesterday
im so bored i scored a 100
whats next
Nikhil ( 38404 )
Posted Yesterday
Nikhil kakakakakkakakarla
Banana ( 88553 )
Posted Yesterday
70 % but I was way more bored than that 😂
roz ( 23701 )
Posted Yesterday
oh my goood i got 50% hahahah sooo boored!!!
??????????????????????? ( 51130 )
Posted 2 days ago
???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????
flerp ( 44518 )
Posted 2 days ago
mk that was somethin
fishy ( 05466 )
Posted 2 days ago
8888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888555555555555555555555 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555 55555555555555555555555555%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%
Savannah ( 14134 )
Posted 7 days ago
I was amazed at 70%
maddie ( 88650 )
Posted 7 days ago
CupcackeKitty ( 03090 )
Posted 8 days ago
I'm very very very very bored . oh , wait I've got an idea ! I can do ALL of the quizes on this website !!!!!
Josh ( 51525 )
Posted 9 days ago
it was fun because i have nothing to do
ꌗꈤꂦꅏ ( 94841 )
Posted 10 days ago
ı'ṃ ɞȏяєԀ. ṡȏ ṭһєяє.
Girlygamerz ( 32131 )
Posted 10 days ago
I am a Spartan. I wish for the others to come back to me. Please come back to me. I miss you.
lilly ( 03796 )
Posted 10 days ago
hahahahahahahaahahhaaaaaaahahahahahahaha hahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahihihihihihihihihihihohohohohohoho hohohohohohih ha [BEEP] im bored
pq ( 41776 )
Posted 14 days ago
I'm sorry I was not honest. I texted because I'm a reader. I like to read and take tests, whether I pass them or not.
Crissy ( 03874 )
Posted 15 days ago
Lol I literally can't believe that there are actually people who does these things like I just wrote in google that I'm bored [BEEP] this surprises me
Jellyfish ( 75764 )
Posted 15 days ago
Imma 100% bored. Super duper bored. I searched "I am bored" and this came up. Decided to do it. Not a complete waste of ma time. I guess....
ARGH STILL BORED!!!! Imma just gonna talk randomly about stuff: One day I crossed the road only to find it wasn't a road at all! It was a giant stick of gum. I picked it up and ate it. Next day I got sick and the only thing I ate that whole week was gum. Later a cat flew into my room farting rainbows and screaming "I LOVE CAKE!" over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!! IT was very annoying so I gave it some of my gum and it flew out of my window farting rainbows in my face. Next a pregnant drunk monkey came through the saying something a rather. I kicked him out too. Finally peace and quiet but little did I know that I was living on a GIANT MAN"S HEAD!!!!! DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!
I guess that satisfied a little bit of my boredom.
PEACE OUT!!!! *Drop the microphone*
Anyone reading this may think I am a total weirdo. Just to let you know I am!!!!! But in a funny weird way not a creepy stalker way.
Thank you for reading this hope you have a nice day! :)
U don't need to kno ( 67337 )
Posted 17 days ago
I am really really bored
Shy girl ( 61182 )
Posted 20 days ago
Help me I am so bored like always