Does he like you?

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Are you unsure if he likes you? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    When you make eye contact with him he...
    looks back at you for a couple seconds, then looks away.
    acts like he doesn't notice and goes on normally.
    looks at you and waves.
    looks at you for a LONG TIME and then looks away.
  • 2
    When you talk to him when you're with a big group of people he...
    Talks to you more than the others, and does not act differently from when you are alone with him.
    Talks to you, but not as much of course... because there are other people there too.
    doesn't talk to you much... except about school and stuff.
    doesn't talk to you...
  • 3
    When you see him in the hall he...
    ignores you.
    smiles as you look at him.
    Says hi and waves.
    Stops and talks to you about a quiz you guys took earlier.
  • 4
    You notice that he's walking past your locker after school. When you ask him why he's there he...
    Makes up some dumb reason like he forgot to get something...
    doesn't answer.
    says he always goes this way (yeah right...)
    Says he wanted to ask you about homework.
  • 5
    When you joke around with him he...
    laughs at your jokes even if they're stupid and jokes back.
    laughs (in a good way).
    pretends he didn't hear you.
    Laughs if they're really funny.
  • 6
    When you guys are playing a game and you're really bad at it and you're trying to make teams... if you said "No one wants me on their team" he says...
    you can be on my team (not in very "excited" tone).
    I guess you could be on my team if you want..
    Yeah... We don't want you...
  • 7
    When you are sitting in class he is facing...
    the teacher.
    straight ahead.
    another person.
  • 8
    When you have a really cool new pen you're playing with in class he says...
    Awesome! Can I see it?
    That's cool.
    What's that?
  • 9
    You're talking to him about how you're having problems in math... he's really smart and you ask him for help. He says...
    No way.
    Sure, you want to meet in the "math lab"(or whatever) after school?
    Okay... let me help you now...
    Well... I'm busy today... but how about tomorrow?
  • 10
    If you asked him to a dance you think he would say...
    let me think about it...
  • 11
    How old are you?
    15 or older
    under 11......
  • 12
    You just tell him the name of your favourite TV show. He says...
    Oh cool... mine's (insert TV show name), but I've seen that before.
    I like that show too.
    I hate that show.