Which Extreme Makeover: Home Edition person are you?

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Do you love the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? Take this quiz to see who you are most like.

  • 1
    When watching TV you...
    watch The Daily Show.
    flip to a marathon of Law and Order SVU.
    start crying while watching a Folgers commercial.
    watch a special about furniture history.
    watch Clean House.
  • 2
    Your previous work experience includes...
    designing sets for TV shows.
    modelling and commercials.
    substitute teaching.
    working backstage for a dance or theatre company.
  • 3
    Your best friend...
    is creative, sensitive, and dependable.
    is a great shopping pal. You two always have so much fun together.
    is your cousin or relative.
    isn't just one person. You're friends with everybody.
    fights for what he believes in.
  • 4
    In my spare time, I like to
    play music or sports.
    spend time with your significant other.
    surf or skateboard.
    comb flea markets for great finds.
  • 5
    In your group of friends you are...
    the fashionista.
    the debater.
    the leader.
    the sensitive one.
    the girly girl.
  • 6
    You are at a job interview and are asked to discuss your strengths. You say,
    "I'm charismatic and work well with everyone, no matter what their position."
    "There are few people like me in my field. I like trying new things."
    "I have lot of connections, and I'm a great leader."
    "I have an eye for detail. I'm a perfectionist."
    "I'm very creative, and I always put the client first."
  • 7
    I would like to...
    design a shabby chic room.
    design a room I would have loved as a kid.
    design a house with high quality pieces.
    design a modern room and build the furniture myself.
    design an innovative child's room centred around a theme.
  • 8
    My trademark is...
    my glasses.
    my hair.
    my intelligence.
    my favourite colour. I wear it all of the time.
    my fabulous sense of style.
  • 9
    If I had a kid, he or she would probably...
    study Latin and history.
    work with me.
    try many different things before finding a niche.
    be compassionate and sensitive.
    be bouncing off the walls.
  • 10
    If I had a different job, I would be...
    an art history professor.
    a rock star in a band with my friend.
    a professional shopper.
    a race car driver.
    an educator about health issues like high cholesterol and heart disease.