Pirates of the Caribbean Trivia!

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Ahoy there! I might not be a crazy fan that knows the movie inside-out, upside-down, backwards, etc. But I do know a whole lot about it! So let's see if that's the same with you!

  • 1
    Jack Sparrow...*ahem*...Captain Jack Sparrow is first seen entering Port Royal in POTC1, on a small sinking boat. Who did he steal this boat from?
    Governor Swann
    Lord Cutler Beckett
    Will Turner
  • 2
    Where is Will Turner first seen in the first POTC?
    Kissing Elizabeth in his workshop.
    Fighting Jack in Tortuga.
    Entering his workshop.
    Floating on a platform of wood in the sea.
    Drinking with Gibbs at a bar.
  • 3
    Whose line is this "Ello Popet"?
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Barbossa
  • 4
    What is the main theme song for the POTC movies called?
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Captain Jack
    Pirate's Life
    Klaus Badelt
    He's a Pirate
  • 5
    What are the movies based on?
    A true story of a pirate
    A book
    A video game.
    A ride at Disneyland.
    An old sea tale
  • 6
    What port did Captain Jack Sparrow sack without firing a single shot?
    Port Mason
    Port Coleen
    Nassau Port
    Port Royal
  • 7
    To find Captain Jack's Rum on Rum Island (the island he was marooned on), he had to knock on a certain tree to find out if it was the tree he needed and then take how many steps to get to his rum stash?
  • 8
    When Elizabeth was walking the plank in POTC1, who said "too long!" and stomped on the edge of the plank so she fell off?
    Captain Jack
    Captain Barbossa
  • 9
    Who plays Ragetti?
    Julian McDermott
    Mackenzie Crook
    Paul Sternyard
    Hayden Malten
    Nicholas Felton
  • 10
    "Aye! The compass doesn't point north! But we're not trying to find north are we?" Who says this?
    Will Turner
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    Commodore Norrington
    Joshamee Gibbs
    One of the Dauntless crew.
  • 11
    Halfway there! In POTC2, why does Captain Jack fear the open ocean?
    Because he hates the smell.
    Because he is afraid that the Black Pearl would sink and that he would not be able to retrieve his property that was in it.
    Because Captain Jack does not know how to swim.
    Because he is afraid of the Kraken
    Because he is afraid of the Flying Dutchman and its ability to go underwater.
  • 12
    Why does Elizabeth cuff Captain Jack to his ship?
    Because the Kraken is after him and not the rest of the crew, so they get a better chance to escape.
    Because she hates him.
    Because she is confused about whom she loves, so getting rid of Captain Jack will mean she has only one man she will love.
    Because she thinks that getting rid of Captain will stop piracy forever.
    Because she loves Davy Jones and she wants to prove her love for him by killing Captain Jack.
  • 13
    Oh...13...better make this one hard. The video game (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow), was created by what soft works?
  • 14
    What does Jack fall into after he retrieves the key?
    An empty grave
    A well.
    A pit of animal manure.
    A small pool of water
  • 15
    Why do the cannibals want to eat Captain Jack?
    Because they think he looks the most tastiest
    Because they think he is a god in human form and they want to do him the favour of releasing him from his fleshy presence.
    Because he ate what he thought was a normal roast chicken but it was actually their sacrifice to their God, but since it's in him, they have to get it out by eating him.
    Because they're cannibals and they're hungry.
    Because he killed the old Chief.
  • 16
    What nationality are the sailors that find Captain Jack's hat in POTC2?
  • 17
    Who gives Captain Jack his famous jar of dirt?
    Tia Dalma
    Davy Jones
    Will Turner
    Commodore Norrington
  • 18
    What does Captain Jack use to knock out Will Turner in POTC2?
    An oar.
    A chair
    His shoe
    The Dead Man's Chest
    A rock
  • 19
    What is Captain Barbossa's only line in POTC2?
    "Glad to be back!"
    "Let's take this Davy Jones down."
    "Where is the scoundrel that stole my Black Pearl?"
    "So tell me, what's become of my ship?"
  • 20
    When does the third Pirates of the Caribbean come out?
    April 25th 2007
    December 21st 2006
    There is no third Pirates of the Caribbean
    November 3rd 2006
    1st March 2007

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