Do you know algebra and calculus?

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This is a short test to determine if you know your stuff about almost college level math.

  • 1
    The value of X in the equation X^2 + 2X = 5
    can be found by:
    isolating the variable X
    by common factoring X out of the first two terms
    applying the quadratic formula
    using a calculator
  • 2
    Suppose you want to add 3x/5y and 2x/5y, you would:
    add the numerators
    invert the fractions and add
    multiply the numerators by the denominators of the other fraction
    reduce the fractions to the lowest terms
  • 3
    The equation 2x + 3x - 3 = y can be simplified by:
    differentiating the equation
    transposing the x terms
    applying the quadratic formula
    collecting like terms
  • 4
    The fraction (2X^2 + 3X)/X can be simplified by:
    multiply the equation by X / X
    finding the prime factors of the numerator
    inverting the fraction
    common factoring X out of the numerator and dividing it out
  • 5
    When graphed, the equation X^2 + Y^2 = 4 will look like
    a parabola
    a circle with a radius of two
    a line
    an exponential growth curve
  • 6
    If five big rocks and three small ones weigh 5 pounds; and six big rocks and two small ones weigh 6 pounds, how can you find the weight of the rocks?
    by factoring
    by integrating
    by solving a system of linear equations
    by finding prime factors
  • 7
    In the equation y = 3x /(x-3), if x is three than:
    you would need a differential equation to solve for the value of y
    there would be zero rate of change
    there is a local maximum at x = 3
    it is in impossibility because the equation has a singularity at X=3
  • 8
    Using algebra, you can make sqrt(4x) into 2*sqt(X) because:
    4 is a prime factor
    4 is a magic number
    you can differentiate the equation
    you can break square root brackets into square roots of the factors
  • 9
    What would you get if you integrated y = 1 / x?
    y = 1
    y = ln x
    y = 1 / x^2
    y = x
  • 10
    If it takes 1 hr to make an acre east-west fence and 2 hr to make an acre north-south fence, how can you find the maximum area of the enclosed square of fences if you have 12 hr to set up fences?
    substitute to get an equation, let a derivative equal zero
    solve a system of linear equations
    use the quadratic formula
  • 11
    The derivative of an equation is 2 and the next derivative is zero. Of the original equation, this means:
    the equation has no minimum
    the equation is always positive
    the rate of change is always 2, there is no change in the change
    the equation is meaningless when dealing with second derivatives
  • 12
    You can solve y = 12^x by:
    by inverting both sides of the equations
    creating a differential equation
    you need a special formula
    using the property of logarithms "log x^y = y log x"

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