You are Mother Nature

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She's going to throw it all at you and you have to get around it! How would you get past these ordeals that I hope never happen to you in real life?

  • 1
    There’s been a flood on your driving route (if you can't drive, play along!). What do you do?
    Turn back
    Find another route
    Press on
  • 2
    You take a tour through a desert on a camel trip. Suddenly a warning goes off; there is a sandstorm coming! What do you do?
    Hide behind your camel
    Turn back
  • 3
    You go walkabouts in Africa and turn a corner to find a Lion. He turns and looks at you. What do you do?
    Wait and see what he does
    Back away
    Do what he does
  • 4
    There’s a thunderstorm nearby. The lightning is striking pretty close by so mind your electricity! What do you do?
    Turn off the main electricity for your house
    Turn off the essentials in the house
    Leave everything alone
  • 5
    You need the toilet but there is a risk of Tiger attacks here. What do you do?
    Go somewhere else.
    Squat like you mean it.
    Squat down quickly
  • 6
    While swimming in the sea, you hear someone screaming “Shark!” and hundreds of people run for the shore. What do you do?
    Head for the shore, but not panic
    Continue to swim
    Sprint for the shore. Every man/woman/fish for him/her/itself
  • 7
    Lumberjacks are working in the area and that means a risk of trees falling on you. Comical as it sounds it isn’t pleasant when it happens! What do you do?
    Run through the lumberjack area
    Walk around the lumberjack area
  • 8
    Windy conditions are blowing the sea in all corners (if the sea has corners). You see a boy in the water who is being knocked under the sea. He doesn’t look like a strong swimmer in the face/water of the waves. What do you do?
    Go full-pelt in and save him
    Get help from a Lifeguard
    Hope that somebody has seen him.
  • 9
    You are asked to parachute jump from a plane. Unfortunately you aren’t a fan of heights (even if you are, play along!) and visions of splitting parachutes cross your mind. What do you say?
    ”No thanks”
    “Only if somebody goes with me.”
    “Ok, see you at the bottom”
  • 10
    The zoo has had a bunch of escapees confirmed! Hundreds of animals are loose and some are meat eaters! You spot some of them after a man who looks ready to slow down and be… chewed. What do you do?
    Distract them and give the man an edge
    Have lunch, don’t be lunch!
    Pull them off his back with force
  • 11
    Finally, you are trundling through the streets and who should confront you but Mother Nature! She is a little peeved that you’ve done this quiz. What do you say to her?
    “Why are you after me?”
    “Now can you do all that for real?”
    “Quiz? What quiz?”

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