Obesity Quiz-Block 2 Foods For Wellness

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This is a quiz on obesity that block 2 foods for wellness will take after our presentation...

  • 1
    Is obesity ALWAYS due to overeating?
    No. For some, obesity is hereditary
    I don't know
    Yes. Everyone that overeats is obese
    Yes. Obese people become that way because they eat way too much
  • 2
    Which of the following is NOT a cause of obesity?
    Eating unhealthy foods
    Lack of exercise
    Bad joints
  • 3
    What is obesity?
    When someone is above and beyond overweight
    When someone just eats a lot
    When someone is unhealthy
    Eating bad food
  • 4
    What is the recommended treatment if you are obese
    Talk to a doctor, parent, or registered dietitian then find a plan
    Try 5 jillion different types of diets till one works
    Starve yourself
    Start to run
  • 5
    What types of foods should be eaten to avoid obesity?
    Fruits, Veggies, balanced meals
    Foods high in carbs and calories
    Chocolate...LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!
    Junk foods
  • 6
    What is a good, simple way to watch your weight?
    Run 10 miles and call it good
    Substitute any juice or soda for low fat milk or water
    Start a vigorous exercise schedule for each day
    Starve yourself
  • 7
    Is being obese a serious health hazard?
    Yes. It causes heart problems, joint problems, and trouble breathing
    Yes. 50,000 people in the US die from obesity each year
    No, only minor problems
    No...It's just a little extra weight
  • 8
    Does depression really have anything to do with obesity?
    Yes. Depression often causes a person to overeat and become obese
    I don't know
    No. People become smart after a tragedy...they're healthy
    No. Sad people can just get over it without eating
  • 9
    How can you tell if you are obese?
    If you look down and can't see your feet
    If you don't exercise
    A registered dietitian can calculate out your BMI and compare your number to the healthy weight chart
    If someone calls you fat.
  • 10
    How many minutes of exercise per day is recommended?
    1 to 4
    15 to 20
    30 to 60
    60 to 86
  • 11
    Does it cost more to be obese?
    I don't know
    No; it doesn't matter
    No; skinny people eat a lot too
    Yes; more groceries.
  • 12
    What percentage of Maine occupants are obese?
  • 13
    Is it easier to treat or prevent obesity?
    It's easier to treat
    Both are equally hard
    It's easier to prevent
    I don't know
  • 14
    What popular arcade game is very efficient for exercise?
    Big Buck Hunter
    Dance Dance Revolution
    Gran Turismo
  • 15
    How many Americans weigh 300 pounds or more?
    6 million
    4 million

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