Do you know your body?

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How much do you really know about you?

  • 1
    When you run fever it is...
    Bad, it means your body is being attacked by some kind of bacteria
    Bad, it means your getting sick
    Good, it's your body raising it's temperature to kill bacteria
    Good, it means your getting better
  • 2
    A person with a high pain tolerance level
    Is a stronger person with a stronger body to take the pain
    Enjoys feeling pain
    Feels less pain because they are less sensitive to it
  • 3
    What is the most common reason for people to lose their teeth?
    Gum disease
  • 4
    Chocolate and Caffeine
    make you drowsy
    help your brain focus and improve test taking skills
    make you too hyper to take exams properly
  • 5
    The average person passes gas....
    5 times a day
    15 times a day
    30 times a day
    none, that's gross
  • 6
    Your veins are ____ Your arteries are ____
    red, blue
    blue, red
    green, red
    purple, gold
  • 7
    The average heart beats ___ times per minute
  • 8
    The element in the air that is required for our survival is
  • 9
    IF you eat too much, it will help your food go down to lie on your
    Left side because your stomach empties that direction
    On your back
    Right side, because your stomach empties that direction
  • 10
    If someone around you is sick, the best way to prevent yourself from getting what they have is to...
    Wash your hands all day long
    Shut them up in a room by themselves
    Give them medicine so their illness won't last as long
  • 11
    Hiccups are...
    Spasms in your throat
    Spasms of your diaphragm
    Spasms of your lungs
    Spasms of your oesophagus
  • 12
    Drugs that are uppers can kill you because
    they make you crazy
    They can send your heart into deadly rhythms, increasing heart rate and blood pressure
    they decrease your awareness, so you may do something you shouldn't
  • 13
    Drugs called "downers" can kill you because
    They increase your awareness
    They cause your heart to go into funky rhythms and increase blood pressure and heart rate
    They depress your nervous system so you stop breathing
    They make you crazy
  • 14
    When you are trying to stay up for a late night study session and will try to be up a long time, caffeine will
    Give you a spurt of energy and focus but will cause you to be more exhausted and it will be harder to stay awake
    Give you no extra energy or focus
    Increase your focus and awareness and allow you to stay awake for long periods of time
  • 15
    When your body is sick, what is the most important thing for you to do?
    Eat carbohydrates for extra energy
    Drink as much fluid as you can (not cokes)
    Eat a lot of protein to get better

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