Are you able to sanely and humanly cope with your boredom?

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This funny test will tell you just how well you deal with being bored, and it will accurately analyze your personal strategy of dealing with boredom, and also give you some helpful tips for next time you are bored! Be sure to choose the most accurate answers that truly apply to you, and don't forget to rate the test at the end!

  • 1
    It’s a Saturday afternoon and you are very bored. You walk out of your front door…and…What is the 1st thing you do?

    Ring a doorbell and run, switch people’s newspapers, make faces/signs at passing cars.
    Water the garden, look for animals and interesting bugs, visit a neighbour.
    Close the door behind you, stare at the ground, sit on the front porch.
    Get tears in your eyes, start to cry, fall face down in the grass, mope around acting depressed.
    Kick over a trash can, purposely step on an ant-hill, or tear up flowers and plants.
  • 2
    You just got home from school and you are tired and bored as you pace around your house not knowing what to do. You spot your little brother on the couch playing his game-boy. What do you do?
    Just keep walking around the house looking at other people and not knowing what to do, or go to your room and do nothing.
    Grab the game-boy away from your brother and run out of the front door and make him chase you down the block until you both fall in the grass laughing like idiots.
    Lay down on the sofa sadly and watch your brother play his game-boy or look out of a window.
    Rip the game-boy out of his hand, (messing up the game) knock him on the floor, and throw the game-boy on the ground.
    Ask your brother what game he’s playing and watch, help your mom or dad do a chore, do homework, call a friend, or do a project.
  • 3
    It’s a Monday morning, everyone’s tired and in a bad mood, and you sit bored in the middle of math class not knowing what to do. You:
    Pay attention to the teacher, ask questions, and try to understand the math.
    Sleep, lay your head down on your desk, or start to cry, scribbling on your work without even realizing it.
    Stand on your desk and shout, “THERE‘S A FIRE IN THE BUILDING NEXT DOOR!” just to see how many people get up and look out of the window, or you draw funny pictures of your teacher all over your work and show your classmates later.
    Rip up your work, knock over a trash can, and storm angrily out of the room.
    Just sit there staring at the floor and the cracks in the wall.
  • 4
    You’ve just spent the weekend camping with your best friend and you get back to his or her house late and you are both bored and tired. What do you do to cheer yourselves up?

    Lay on the sofa, turn on a boring TV. Show, and maybe even start to cry.
    Turn on some music and do something calming and relaxing such as painting scenes you can remember seeing during your camping trip.
    Sit or lay down, not attempting to talk to anyone or do anything useful, constructive or fun.
    Punch your friend really hard, complain to them about what a boring house they have, and get into a heated argument over who gets the last can of coke in fridge.
    Creep up behind your friend, throw a blanket over them, and tackle them to the ground screaming, “BEAR ATTACK!” (lol)
  • 5
    Your parents went on a weekend trip and you are home alone(and bored) for the weekend. What do you do 1st?
    Go to your room, turn off the lights, lay down, and listen to depressing music that makes you cry.
    Get really nervous and frustrated and run around the house kicking, breaking, and smashing things for no apparent reason.
    Clean the house to surprise your parents, draw, read, write, study, or go out with your friends.
    Sit on the sofa playing with a vase of flowers, ripping up Kleenex, or scribbling in a notebook.
    Carve fruits and vegetables into people and animals, finger paint with ketchup, call over 50 friends for a crazy party, or do crank calls.
  • 6
    It’s raining and your car just broke down. You get out of the car, and as you sit on the side of the road waiting for a ride, you are bored…What do you do as you wait?

    Lay(or sit) in the grass and cry, not bothering to get an umbrella.
    Get an umbrella and just stand there staring at the ground.
    Do a funny rain dance, make faces and signs at cars, and run into the middle of the street laughing and screaming non-sense as cars swerve to get around you.
    Throw rocks and trash at cars, animals, or people, litter everywhere, and spit on/step on ants and other bugs.
    Stand under an umbrella and finish reading that novel you were too busy to read before.
  • 7
    You just had your tonsils removed and you lay in a hospital bed somewhat sick and very bored. What do you do?
    Scream, “I THINK I’M DYING!” or “HERE COMES THE BABY!” and see how many nurses rush into the room and then start laughing so hard you fall out of the bed.
    Just lay there, maybe turn on a boring show on TV.
    Cry, complain, or go to sleep.
    Do some home-work, play a video-game, read an interesting magazine, or call a friend to come stay with you.
    Shake the bed until it collapses and when people rush in the room to help you, you scream at them that you’re ok and you don’t need help and you make them go away.
  • 8
    You’re in an airplane and you’re very long flight just started. You know you are going to be bored; the flight is 9 hours. What do you do?
    Listen to your CD player as you watch other passengers and try to figure out what countries they are from, read a book/magazine, play a game, or make a new friend.
    Sleep, lay your head down on the lunch tray, complain, or cry.
    Kick the seat of the person in front of you non-stop until they complain to the staff and you have to be moved somewhere else.
    Watch the boring TV. Screen, just sit there, or re-arrange your baggage.
    Throw bread at passengers as they walk by you, hit flight attendants with magazines, or scream random non-sense when no one is looking.
  • 9
    You are on a cruise ship with about 150 other people and you are headed for an island but it’ll take 4 hours to get there. What do you do to pass the time?

    Lay on the floor, cry, mope around, complain about everything, ask for things, and maybe get sea-sick.
    Grab little kids and pretend you are going to throw them over-board, or tell them stories of sharks and sea-monsters.
    Stand on the deck and watch an ant as it crawls around the ship.
    Talk to and get to know the captain or other passengers, enjoy the nice view, the water, the beautiful nature around you, or lay down and get a tan.
    Jump over-board and scream, “HELP! I’M DROWNING!” even though you can swim very well and you have a life-jacket, or throw bread crumbs at people’s heads and watch laughing as sea-gulls land on un-suspecting passengers.
  • 10
    You and your 2 little brothers and big sister sit bored in the back of your van as you take a long road trip to Mexico. What do you do to pass the time?
    Go to sleep, keep complaining to your parents that it’s taking too long, or cry.
    Do a cross-word puzzle, workbook, play a game with your family, or read a map or book about Mexico, and try to learn some Spanish.
    Stare at the floor or the back of your mom’s seat and think about nothing in particular.
    Open the window and throw things at cars, make faces, shout non-sense, or sing.
    Instigate a fight between your little brothers, and purposely spill your coke in your older sister’s hair and all over her clothes.

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sophia ( 47.38 )
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these quiz responses are savage but cool quiz thanks 😂 😂