Oh no, not another dragon quiz!

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Yes, yes, another dragon quiz! What are you? A kind and warm guardian dragon? A stumpy I-must-destroy-things hunter dragon? Take the quiz to find out!

  • 1
    What is your favourite colour?
    Red orange and yellow! The colours of FIRE!
    Pearly whites and pastels.
    Purple and black...
    Anything that helps me blend into my surroundings
    Watery, glistening colours like light teal, blue or green
  • 2
    A huge hatbox labelled "not hats" lands on your doorstep. What's inside?
    A strange pendant with a dark teal stone in the setting. It glows when I touch it. Wonder what it does?
    A note. Some local king wants me to guard his castle from invaders while he's on vacation in the Bahamas.
    A Grouch Marx mask? Fake fairy wings? Right, I remember now. This is my subscription to April Fools Monthly.
    Nothing I know I can trust... I get a nearby woodland creature to open it for me.
    Packing peanuts! I wonder if they're flammable! *shoots flames- box disintegrates* Yep.
  • 3
    The village messenger runs up to you with news of a crisis, but he faints before you hear the whole story. You have to go to the village unprepared, unknowing what's going on. What IS going on, anyway?
    Fellow dragons, but they don't look too friendly. Better yell at them from afar.
    Eh, some evil wizard. *Flicks wrist- wizard is sent flying*
    FIRE! I think I'll sit here and watch the show.
    Uhhhh. It seems the villagers were testing me. T_T. Next time they cry wolf, boy, are they are going to GET a wolf.
    Some invaders. What-ever. They can't get past my energy shield.
  • 4
    After your successful attempts at saving (or scolding!) the villagers, you head back to your...
    Air bubble underwater in a pristine, dark lake.
    Cave in a jewel mine in the clouds. If I didn't live somewhere high up I wouldn't have a moment of peace.
    VOLCANO! WROARRR! Home Sweet Mt. Pele! FIREEE!
    Nest in the woods.
    Place ^__^ it changes so often I don't really know what to call it!
  • 5
    How do you get home?
    I climb! I can hunt on the way up, and I can practice melting stuff! *shoots fire*
    I teleport, unless I want to see the scenery. Then I knife through the water so smoothly it doesn't make a splash.
    ...I FLY... duh! How else do you get up to the clouds?
    Depends on my mood really ^__^
    Run, leap, dog-paddle. Whatever it takes to shake any enemies on my track.
  • 6
    What are your friends like?
    Rough and tough! Like myself! *Shoots fire*
    Plentiful and popular, and people always rush to us for advice!
    They're really mercurial. They act different everyday! ^__^
    I'm friends with anyone who isn't unkind without reason, but I feel closely connected to a select few that share my interests.
    I don't trust anyone.
  • 7
    You wake up Saturday morning and look out the window. It's raining! What is your reaction?
    I jump back in bed. Got to be rested when I need it!
    I'm sad because I can't go outside. I'm mad because the garden gnome will warp or something. I'm happy because I can rest. I'm bored because there's nothing to do...blah..
    NOO! RAIN! I don't like water! I like FIRE!
    I grab a book and read. No responsibilities today!
    Finally rain, after all that dread scorching sunlight
  • 8
    What is your prized possession? (No iPods. Nothing monetary. Sentimental stuff, family heirlooms, stuff you found in nature, stuff like that.)
    A piece of volcanic rock/old arrowhead/souvenir type thing that reminds me of my adventures.
    My family heirlooms. I enjoy the responsibility of making sure they're still around for my grandkids to see.
    A little, memory-filled but otherwise pointless knick knack I keep by my side at all times. When the worst happens, you need something to remember the best.
    My mood bracelet/ring. It changes colours with my emotions! Cool!
    A stone that is perfectly geometrical/pretty colours/looks like an artefact that I found or was given as a gift.
  • 9
    The village messenger is back. Lovely. He tells you there's a knight who doesn't like dragons in the village and he's challenging you to a duel. Your reaction?
    I throw an energy shield over the village, then kick booty in shining armour. I can be tough when I need be! ;-)
    I hide my head under my pillow and cry for a minute because this is a meaner knight! Then I go and chase him away before he can say "En Grade."
    *Flicks wrist- meanwhile, the knight suddenly gets a bad bout of chicken pox.*
    I tell them to give me a day. I spend it training to the extreme and gathering weaponry.
    I march down there, and in 5 minutes we got a bonfire going. FIRE!
  • 10
    It's a friend's birthday! What do you do?
    I give them a heartfelt "Happy Birthday" and a small gift, but then we both continue our daily tasks.
    I call up another friend and we spontaneously rush their house yelling "Happy Birthday!" lugging huge gift boxes all the while ^__^
    SURPRISE PARTY! WRRROAOR! *shoots flames and ignites candles on birthday cake*
    I had this party planned since months ago. Streamers? Check. People? Check. Presents? Check...
    I go over to their house and we celebrate alone.
  • 11
    What's your favourite season?
    I love the autumn... I love watching the colours change.
    Springtime, when everything is peaceful and starting anew.
    Summertime! W00h00! Because then I can go camping and have a CAMPFIREEEE!
    Wintertime, when everything's quieted down and blanketed by snow.
    Eh, it doesn't make much difference to me.
  • 12
    Hey! You have a visitor! Guess who...? Yep, the knight. He's demanding a rematch. What now?
    Up goes the shield, and I herd him out of town like Lassie herds sheep. Attack me once shame on you... Attack me twice even more shame on you!
    I roll my eyes in annoyance, and soon the knight finds himself being beaten up by a 5-year-old. Or so it seems.
    *Flicks wrist- the knight is turned into a sunflower seed, which is quickly pocketed by the village hamster.*
    Not again! I round up the woodland creatures and we show them you don't need opposable thumbs to use a crossbow.
    More bonfires. It's actually getting a little old now...
  • 13
    It's Halloween! What do you do?
    I throw on a costume and it's party time! And there might be some T.P.ing involved...
    I try on about five zillion costumes before picking one, and I go trick or treating! Candy!
    I carve as many pumpkins as time will allow. They ward off evil!:)
    I volunteer to chaperone the trick-or-treating little kids.
    I hide in the hedges with a garden hose... Those T.P.'s will look like they were at a water balloon festival...
  • 14
    What's your life motto?
    Don't be the one to fight to harm. Be the one to fight to defend.
    Live like there's no tomorrow!
    Wit triumphs over brute force.
    The wise take the time to plan ahead.
    What you see is NOT what you get ^__^
  • 15
    What did you think of this quiz?
    You have quite some time on your hands
    WROAR! QUIZZES! *shoots flames*
    Quizzes? I should have been working!
    It was... creative... to say the least.

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Archer ( 27.80 )
Posted 110 days ago
Good Quiz :) Archer / Gaurdian / Shape Shifter / Mage / Fire & other types all bit of my personality Thanks :)