The True Fan's WWE Quiz Vol.2

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I've got a million of these questions. Lucky for you. I can only put about 30 on good luck.

  • 1
    Who was the last Hardcore Champion before it was deactivated in 2002?
    Jeff Hardy
    Chris Jericho
    Rob Van Dam
  • 2
    Which WWE superstar won a championship on both his first night on SmackDown and on his first night on Raw?
    Matt Hardy
    Eddie Guerrero
  • 3
    After 7 years of hatred towards each other, Triple H and HBK ended their feud at Bad Blood 2004 in what kind of match? Who won?
    Hell in a Cell; Triple H
    Hell in a Cell; HBK
    Ironman; HBK
    Ironman; Triple H
  • 4
    Who else besides Cena and Edge customized the WWE Title?
    The Rock
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Brock Lesnar
  • 5
    Which man from which team won the 10-man elimination tag team, SmackDown vs. Raw, match at Survivor Series 2005?
    Kane; Team Raw
    Rey Mysterio; Team Smackdown
    HBK; Team Raw
    Randy Orton; Team Smackdown
  • 6
    At Summerslam 2004, Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship making him the youngest world champion in WWE history. Who did he defeat to earn that moniker?
    Chris Benoit
    Triple H
  • 7
    Who holds the record for most Intercontinental Title reigns and how many times did they win it?
    Bruno Sammartino; 8
    Rob Van Dam; 6
    Edge; 5
    Chris Jericho; 7
  • 8
    John “Bradshaw” Layfield held one of the longest WWE Title reigns in history. Who did he defeat to win the title and whom did he lose it to?
    Undertaker;John Cena
    Eddie Guerrero;John Cena
    Brock Lesnar;Kurt Angle
    Eddie Guerrero;Undertaker
  • 9
    How many times did John Cena win the United States Championship before he customized it into a spinner?
  • 10
    On the 6/12/03 edition of SmackDown, a match took place involving Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Title against the Big Show. At the culmination of that match, a super flex was hit. What resulted because of that?
    The ring collapsed
    Big Show broke his back
    The ref got squashed
    Lesnar broke his neck
  • 11
    Who was the 1st man to ever hold the WCW, ECW, and WWE Heavyweight Titles?
    Kurt Angle
    Rob Van Dam
    Big Show
  • 12
    At the very 1st Taboo Tuesday, Randy Orton took on Ric Flair. Which match did the fans vote to see?
    Falls Count Anywhere
  • 13
    Who was involved in every Elimination Chamber match to date?
    Triple H
    Chris Jericho
  • 14
    Forced to defend the WWE Title in a Triple-Threat Submission Match involving Kurt Angle and Chris Masters, what submission did John Cena use to retain his title?
    Figure-Four Leg Lock
    Cross face
    Boston Crab
  • 15
    At the 2006 Royal Rumble, which superstar won the event and at what number did he do it?
    Rey Mysterio at #2
    Randy Orton at #30
    Triple H at #1
    Rob Van Dam at #20
  • 16
    Who named Randy Orton the Legend Killer?
    Ric Flair
    Jerry Lawler
    Triple H
  • 17
    At the Royal Rumble in 2004, Triple H and HBK fought in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Who won that match?
    Triple H
    No one
  • 18
    At Unforgiven 2005, Matt Hardy defeated Edge after all the emotional events that took place over the last two months involving him, Edge, and Lita. In what kind of match did Hardy win in?
    Singles Match
    Ironman Match
    Cage Match
    Street Fight
  • 19
    Besides the Undertaker, which of the following superstars is also undefeated at Wrestle Mania?
    Rey Mysterio
    Eddie Guerrero
  • 20
    Who did Randy Orton face off against in his 1st ever Hell in a Cell Match?
    Triple H
    Chris Benoit
  • 21
    In one night, every member of Evolution was champion. At what Pay-Per-View did this happen?
    Armageddon 2003
    SummerSlam 2003
    Survivor Series 2003
    Unforgiven 2003
  • 22
    How many times has Triple H been the WWE/World Champion?
  • 23
    At Wrestle Mania XX, every championship was put on the line except for which one?
    Intercontinental Title
    World Tag Team Titles
    Cruiserweight Title
    Women's Title
  • 24
    Who caused Kane to fall on Lita, ultimately costing Lita her baby?
    Matt Hardy
    Triple H
  • 25
    The very 1st time the WWE Tag Team Titles were created in 2002, who were the 1st two guys to hold them?
    Edge & Rey Mysterio
    Los Guerreros
    Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
    The Basham Brothers

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