Green Day Lyrics

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  • 1
    "My mind is set on overdrive..."
    time ticks by and I'm going insane.
    I just can't take this anymore.
    why is everything such a blur?
    I can't think clearly anymore.
    the clock is laughing in my face.
  • 2
    "It's not the way that's meant for me. Just cause, Just cause because..."
    we're outlaws, yeah!
    I'm an outlaw!
    I'm not the same, yeah!
    I'm not the same!
    we're all the same!
  • 3
    "I went to your house, but no one was there, I went in your room..."
    I made it, I swear.
    But you didn't care.
    But nobody's there.
    I was all by myself.
    I remembered you.
  • 4
    "Wasted youth and a fistful of ideals, I had a..."
    young an optimistic point of view.
    life and some hope too.
    bloody knee that looks screwed up.
    six pack of abs but now I'm like my dad...
    crush and she was not you.
  • 5
    "Better homes and safety sealed communities, did you remember to pay the utility?..."
    caution, police line, you better not cross.
    go ahead and try, try to look me in the eye, but you forget it.
    is the cop or am I the one that's really dangerous?
    gosh darn, police line you better not cross.
    I'm running out of hope and I could just care less.
  • 6
    "Living well and dressed to kill..."
    but her money can't buy me.
    but she looks like hell to me.
    but he looks like hell to me.
    but money is not for me.
    but my money can't buy her.
  • 7
    "Cause I love you not enough..."
    Cause I don't love you.
    I don't even know where to begin to explain it.
    Cause it's something I've always heard.
    Cause it's something I've never heard.
    I'm lost for words.
  • 8
    "And can you hear the sound of..."
    the radio
    the stereo
  • 9
    "Am I just paranoid or am I..."
    well I don't know?
    going home?
    growing old?
    just stoned?
    just dumb?
  • 10
    "Sometimes I wish somewhere out there..."
    will hear me.
    will hold me.
    will find me.
    will hate me.
    will love me.
  • 11
    "Stuck down in a rut..."
    That tastes like chicken spud.
    Of dialogic and smut.
    I hate my aching gut.
    Cause my brother won't shut up.
    My belly's aching again.
  • 12
    "I beg to dream and..."
    differ from your hollow eyes.
    sniff her from her followed flies.
    differ from the hollow lies.
    differ from the hall of lies.
    differ from their hollow lives.
  • 13
    "Unsung against the mould, a free for all..."
    that's not nice.
    **** them all!
    hey yell!
    **** the mall!
    kill them all!
  • 14
    "Cigarettes and ramen and a little bag of..."
  • 15
    This is from the song 'When I Come Around'.
    "I've heard it all before..."
    So you're not welcome at my door.
    Sell donuts at my door.
    So don't knock on my door.
    So don't knock down my door.
    Saddam knocked on my door.
  • 16
    "Pay attention to the cracked streets and the..."
    broken homes
    broken gnomes
    broken nose
    snapping urchins to be left dead on their own
    broken toes