What's your ideal place to travel?

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  • 1
    It's another Saturday morning. You open the door to find it's the perfect weather outside. What's the weather like?
    It's finally snowing! You rush outside to engage in the first snowball fight of the season!
    It's raining. You excitedly close the door and rush to get the board games.
    Brilliant, warm, sunny, the flowers are blooming!
  • 2
    Ugh...cafeteria lunch at school. The worst. Though disgusting, you tolerate it. What do you pick out?
    A chef salad with yogurt, healthy and refreshing!
    A bowl full of piping hot chili with cornbread.
    Fish patty with fries
  • 3
    You've had a hard time falling asleep, but you finally do. Now you're having some strange dreams...what do you dream?
    That you're a polar bear fighting the elements
    That I'm chasing someone through an endless meadow, and somehow can never reach them...
    That you're the captain of ship, trying to control the boat from capsizing in a horrible storm
  • 4
    Movie night! Your friends are having a hard time picking out a movie and decide to have you, the middleman, decide on it. You pick...
    Legally Blonde
    Sense and sensibility
    Eight below
  • 5
    If you could create your dream room, it would look most like...
    A silver room with tons of modern furniture
    A small, cozy room with a twin bed, piled with warm quilts
    A high-fashion pink room with a canopy bed
  • 6
    You take a career aptitude test at school. It says you are destined to be a...
    A party planner or caterer
    A garbage man...kidding...it says you would be suited as a explorer
    An author or an artist
  • 7
    What is your favorite color?
    Pink or yellow! Both bright and cheery!
    Blue or green
    Silver or gold
  • 8
    It's your weekend job to housesit for old lady Smithers down the road while she's gone. What would you do when she's out the door if you could do anything?
    Rummage through all her old antiques and ancient stuff! How interesting!
    Invite friends over for a spooky sleepover in her ancient attic that's rumored to be haunted
    Organize, redecorate and make use of those expensive ingredients sitting unused in her pantry
  • 9
    Surprise! On your sixteenth birthday, your parents surprise you with...what else but a car! What model is it?
    Rugged jeep perfect for rocky terrain
    A small, practical car, because your parents know you're practical
    Classy convertible
  • 10
    This is the last question...sniff sniff...if you could say anything to the creator of the quiz at this moment, what would you say?
    Great quiz, but it got a little boring...
    I could have been rock-climbing
    It's time for a snack...I'm signing off the internet once these results come through...

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