Are you a good friend?

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Does everyone like you? Are you the BEST ever? Find out in this quiz.

  • 1
    You are in the middle of doing some really important homework, when your friend invites you round for an hour you say ...
    Sorry, but if I don't do this homework, I will get a detention, and my teacher wouldn't be happy
    NO WAY! Homework is more important. My mummy would tell me off it I did not do it!
    Sure, I can do my homework when I get back.
    Yeah, but I can do your homework round yours, instead of playing
  • 2
    You are just about to walk up to school with your friends, when one of them realises that they have forgotten their kit, you...
    Hurry them up, tell them that if they're not back in 2 minutes, they will all walk to school
    Go back home with them, at least you won't be in detention on your own
    Walk on, and not bother to wait.
    Make them go and get it, but wait for them.
  • 3
    You see an old friend (who does not recognise you) trip, and fall badly on their head. You...
    Walk over to them and push them again
    Walk over to them, say "Hello, are you alright?" then walk off
    Look down at them and laugh
    Run over to them, and help them up.
  • 4
    Your friend has this huge crush on this guy/girl, who you also fancy. She/he asks you to ask them out for her, what do you do?
    Tell her/him that you also fancy this person, but think that they suit your friend more
    Ask them out for your friend, but kiss him/her afterwards
    Just ask them out for you
    Tell them that you fancy them, and ask them out for you
  • 5
    Your friend starts calling you a geek as a joke, you hate it but...
    Hit your friend madly
    You frown, but don't say anything
    You laugh and joke about it
    Tell him/her that you never want to be their friend again
  • 6
    The really popular people start picking on a friend of yours, who is a bit of a geek. They start laughing at him, and ask you what you think of him, you say...
    Just stand there and don't say anything
    I really like him, he is my friend, so stop picking on him
    Start laughing at him too, to make yourself look cool
    Push him to make yourself look even cooler
  • 7
    Your friend asks for some help on their homework. You ...
    Give them the answers to be really quick
    Say "I can't be bothered, I'm going out tonight"
    Help them, not giving them the answers, going through it with them, one by one
    Make up a lame excuse to get out of it
  • 8
    You're in a group at school of people who you like, You...
    Tell them who you like but say you don't hate anyone
    Tell the truth, then hit person you hate
    Tell the group that you like everyone
    Stutter and don't say anything, but whisper to the person next to you who you like and who you hate
  • 9
    Your friend is ill, and you know her favourite thing is chocolate. You want to get her something. You...
    Buy her a card
    Buy her a really nice card and a box of her favourite chocolates
    Don't get anything and go clubbing
    Buy her a chocolate bar
  • 10
    You're having a party, but one of your friends that you don't really like is not invited because there could only be nine people going. She/he is upset, so you tell them...
    Don't say anything
    The truth, Then invite them round for a sleepover in the week
    Tell them that you don't like them
    Tell the truth, then walk away

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