Does He Like You?

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OK, I know that there are like a million and one of these quizzes but I am like an expert in relationships so trust me they work! It doesn't have to be someone you like it can be just to find out if they like you

  • 1
    How much do you like him?
    I like him so much I hide in bushes and spy on him
    I like him but a very little bit
    A LOT
    I like him, but I'm not obsessed
    Not at all
  • 2
    How much do you hang around him?
    Meh, we sit wherever
    I try to sit by my friends but he always comes over and sits with me
    I do everything possible to sit by him
    We often end up sitting near each other but its mainly by coincidence
    We only sit together when forced
  • 3
    Are you friends?
    You could say that we were
    No, but I have his IM. My friend found out for me
    Yeah, we're always IMing each other and making plans
    Yeah, but we don't have contact outside school
  • 4
    When you talk, who normally initiates the contact?
    It's always him
    Sometimes I do but he does it most of the time
    We don't talk
    Sometimes he does but I do it most of the time
    It's always me!
  • 5
    Have you seen him looking at you?
    Yes but he was looking at the clock
    Yea but only when he's trying to talk to me
    Yeah all the time
    Sometimes but it's often when he's bored and is looking around the room
  • 6
    Does he listen into your conversations?
    Yea he often laughs at it though
    I don't know
    No he doesn't care what I talk about
    Yea all the time!
    Yes occasionally because he's even contributed
  • 7
    Does he talk about you?
    Yes, he never stops talking about me
    Yes, I've heard him more than once
    Yes, but he was talking about the seating plan
    I'm not sure but I've heard him say my name
  • 8
    Have you ever asked him who he likes? If so what did he say?
    smiled but said not telling
    He said he's waiting for someone
    No, I've never asked him
    Yes, I asked him. He didn't hear me
    He said no-one first then changed it not to tell
  • 9
    How many times a day do you talk?
    Not at all
    All day all week
    4-6 times
    2-3 times
  • 10
    Final question. Has he ever seen you upset?
    Yes, but he ignored me and/or laughed
    Yes, but he looked at me sympathetically and didn't do anything
    Yes, and he asked me if I was okay and gave me a hug
    Yes, and he asked me if I was okay

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