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This quiz will prove just how much you paid attention to this AWESOME show! How could you not?
Select my quiz and let's begin.

  • 1
    Who did Chandler hit in the eye while breaking up w/ her?
    Suzy Underpants!
  • 2
    Who is Chandler talking to when he says this? "Could I just see your bra?"
    The hooker
    Brenda the maid
  • 3
    What gets stuck in the foosball table causing them to have to bust it open?
    Chandler's.. vest
    The Duck and Chick
    Rachel's cell phone
    A fork Joey was using. He loves his food
  • 4
    Who said this? "I'm leaning. This is where I lean."
    Smokes a lot lady
  • 5
    What's against Phoebe's belief that Ross studies?(There's an entire episode they spend arguing because of this)
    The Bermuda Triangle
  • 6
    What does Ross say to convince Rachel(while pregnant) to move in with him?
    "I wish I were a seahorse. Then I would carry the baby"
    "I made you a mixed tape!"
    "Please .."
    "You can have an entire closet dedicated to shoes"
  • 7
    Who recites this story and why?
    "It was summer. And it was hot. Rachel was there.....A LONELY GREY COUCH! 'Oh, look!'cried Ned. And then the kingdom was his forever. THE END!"
    Joey. He was practicing for an audition.
    Phoebe. She was drunk and made it up.
    Chandler. To keep Rachel from reading his paper.
    Ross. Ben wanted a bedtime story and there were no books.
  • 8
    What can Phoebe NOT do?
    Sing country
    Bake a cake for Joey
    Ride a bike
    Recite her ABC's
  • 9
    How does Chandler get "the claw"?
    Driving a stick shift for the first time.
    Playing Ms. Packman all day.
    Eating cheese cake all day long.
    Trying to open Monica's closet.
  • 10
    Why is Joey in an engagement picture in the paper w/ Monica?
    They did it as a joke.
    Ross accidentally sent in the wrong picture.
    Phoebe thought it would be funny.
    Because Chandler can't take a decent picture.
    Rachel got mad and sent the picture in on purpose.

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