~*~Does your boyfriend really love you?~*~

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Have you ever wondered how your boyfriend really feels about you? Take this quiz and find out if he loves you or not.

  • 1
    How long have you been dating him?
    1 year or more
    Less than 6 months
    Just started dating
    6 months
  • 2
    How does he consider your looks?
  • 3
    Has he told you he loved you yet?
    I thought he was going to once...but he didn't
  • 4
    How often are you together?
    Every single day
    When he finds a reason to come over
    When we're not busy
  • 5
    Does he compliment you?
  • 6
    How does he treat you when he's around his friends?
    He talks to me somewhat, but talks to his friends more
    The same as he would when we we're alone.
    He totally ignores me
  • 7
    How often do you argue?
    Most of the time
    Always. It's an every day thing
  • 8
    Has he ever cheated on you?
    I think so, but I'm not sure
    Not that I know of?
  • 9
    Has he ever hit you?
    A few times
  • 10
    How does he make you feel?
    Like I'm everything to him.
    He treats me okay, good most of the time
    He's nice to me sometimes.
  • 11
    Does he try to pressure you into things you don't want to do?
    He gets mad when I don't
    Never. When I tell him I don't want to do something, he leaves it alone. He totally understands
  • 12
    Does he lie to you?
    Not that I know of
  • 13
    When something is wrong, does he comfort you?
    He tells me to suck it up
    Every single time.
  • 14
    Does he laugh at your jokes, even when they are really stupid?
    He tells me I'm dumb
    Yes, he tries to make me feel good
  • 15
    By his actions, does he seem to love you?
    Very much

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MBALENHLE ( 87.44 )
Posted 11 hours ago
Viscybeb ( 17.76 )
Posted Yesterday
I love my bf so much and i pray that God should join together Amen
Vickybeb ( 17.76 )
Posted Yesterday
I love him so much i pray God should join us together Amen
glory ( .3.33 )
Posted 2 days ago
i luv my boyfrnd nd he cares about me.
ritah ( 32.34 )
Posted 4 days ago
i don't know weather he still loves me
Arunima ( 8.146 )
Posted 6 days ago
Love is very beautiful moment,sometimes it hating
Racheal ( 26.68 )
Posted 10 days ago
I dnt knw if He truly loves me
Tina ( 7.123 )
Posted 18 days ago
please help me guyz heloooz
nosipho ( 6.177 )
Posted 18 days ago
mae boyfriend loves me but he doesn't want to show mie daht he loves me .
he cheated on me once with mae Friend but stil he came back to me.
he introduced mie to his parents on June 2015 n we started dating on February 2015 until now.
we have been fighting but still we went back to each other.
i was very honest with him
i never cheated on him.i never ever tried to cheat on him cause i love him.
his parents loves me like their own daughter. they made me feel comfortable wen i visited dem.
i promised my self that i love my boyfriend n i don't wna loose him.
he is the only guy i wna get married to n have babies with.
endy ( 8.249 )
Posted 21 days ago
i dnt knw if he love me or he is just testing me
grace ( 1.141 )
Posted 26 days ago
i dont now wat to do to make my boyfriend lov me ever
Abiodun ( 73.25 )
Posted 26 days ago
How cn i knw dt he really loves me
Mercy ( 6.149 )
Posted 31 days ago
he love me so much i do luv him too
Achini Kaushalya ( .77.9 )
Posted 33 days ago
I lv my boy friend and he loves me very much
Thandeka mandisa ( 5.217 )
Posted 38 days ago
I really am confused,if he lvs or na
TebOgO ( 94.82 )
Posted 39 days ago
I love my bf n he loves me 2 he used to b a player n now he changed he is a 1 woman guy but now he wnts 2 hav [BEEP] with me n i keep telin him im nt ready he gets irritated he is been patient with me 4 2yrs we've been dating 4 3yrs but stil im nt ready 2 hav [BEEP] with him de reason being dat im afraid he wil leave me after [BEEP] i do trust him just dat he cheated on me twice n my frnd told me dat he might be cheating on me again coz he doesnt wnt with his phone so idk bt i thnk he thnks im boring coz im this sweet inocent shy gal n i believe in de bible so idk wat i must do coz my mind wants 2 bt my heart says otherwise please help
angelina ( 0.189 )
Posted 40 days ago
my bf shows me the love that every girl wishes for.he loves me down to earth, he treats me special n I love him,actually we in love,but de problem wen ever he finds a guys next number in my phone whom he doesn't know he blocks that person ,how possibly cn I reduce the jealousy he has for me
favzy ( 8.154 )
Posted 40 days ago
i broke up wit ma b.f cuz he suddenly started smokin,nw i miz him xo much.wat shud i do?
mercy ( 4.223 )
Posted 45 days ago
I need sm tips on how to test my boyfrnd to knw if he rili loves me.
Jyoti ( 6.176 )
Posted 46 days ago
hi i'm Jyoti. i love him so much. but i am not satisfy about how much he love me.. infact i am too much confuse.. does he really love me? or just my body.. whatever he think about me, i just love him.. i think he can also cheat me!! he don't know how much i cry 4 his so roud behaviour!!