Are you in love?

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Do you get butterflies when ever you see the person you like? Are you constantly thinking about them? That this test and see if you are in love.

  • 1
    When you pass them in the hallway in between classes and they smile at you, you...
    Turn bright red and feel sick and mumble a "hello" and rush to class
    Do nothing at all
    Smile back and just keep going
    Smile and stop to chat before the bell rings
    Give them the death glare
  • 2
    He calls you one night just to talk. You...
    Answer and tell him to never call you again
    Answer and after 30 seconds say you have to go and hang up
    See his number on the Caller ID and don't answer
    Get very nervous and sound like an idiot, but keep talking anyway
    Say hello and have a long conversation with him
  • 3
    Your friend comes up to you and tells you that he is now going out with someone. You...
    Say you are glad and you really are
    Say you don't care
    Congratulate him and act like you're happy for him but secretly you are sad
    Ignore him and never talk to him again
    Are happy as long as he is
  • 4
    You go to a party and you see your him and your best friend making out in the corner. You...
    Avoid them the rest of the night
    Don't really care
    Talk to your friend about it and work it out
    Start crying and go to the bathroom before anyone sees you
    Give them glares all night
  • 5
    You are at the mall when you see him. You...
    Call his name and stop and talk for a while
    Walk right past him
    Smile and go on with your day
    Flip him off when he comes up to you
    Get nervous and try to avoid him so he doesn't have to see you looking so bad
  • 6
    At school he comes up to you and asks you if you want to hang out over the weekend. You...
    Say "I would love to!"
    Ignore him
    Say yes and spend the whole day getting ready because you want to look perfect
    Say "No, thank you."
    Say yes
  • 7
    Your friend tells you that she heard that he likes you. You...
    Say "well that's cool"
    Say "sick"
    Blush and say nothing
    Say "that's nice, but I don't want to go out with him"
    Do nothing at all
  • 8
    He catches you staring at him. You...
    Give him a dirty look
    Make eye contact then real quick look away
    Wave at him
    Give him a blank look
  • 9
    You catch yourself doodling his name on your paper. You...
    Keep doodling them while smiling
    Smile and slowly erase them
    Just leave them
    Say "what the?"
    Say "never" and scribble them out
  • 10
    He asks to be your lab partner in chemistry. You...
    Say yes and turn bright red
    Tell him you already have a partner
    Say "sure, why not?"
    Say "I would rather DRINK the chemicals than be your partner!"
    Say "Yes"

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