What kind of wizard are you?

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A quiz to determine what kind of wizard you would be. The kinds are based on the CCG Magic the Gathering.

  • 1
    If a genie grants you fantastic power of anything you wish, which of these would you pick first?
    The ability to smite the wicked
    Powers over life and death to rule
    Powers of knowledge and learning
    Destructive spells of might and power
    Command over nature
  • 2
    Which of these is the quality you would like to take on most?
    Wise solitude
    Cold detachment
    Drive for glory and power
  • 3
    Which of these is the quality you would least like to have?
    No respect for the consequences from your actions on things around you
    Poorly educated
    Weakness from compassion
    Weak in combative strength
  • 4
    If a wizard where to teach you one spell, which of these would you pick first?
    To create exploding balls of fire
    The ability to assert your will over others and control them
    To charm or exert influence over animals
    The ability to animate things
  • 5
    If you could preserve one thing from the destruction of the world into ruin, what would it be?
    Its ability to make war
    Its laws and its justice system
    Its power structure
    Its learning and knowledge
    The nature and vegetation
  • 6
    If confronted with a problem, the best strategy below is?
    To have the wisdom to solve it
    To be treacherous and think for yourself
    To use your intellect and prowess
    To have the might and strength to handle anything
    To be altruistic and try to work things out
  • 7
    On the field of combat your spells would concentrate on?
    The power to strike death by gesture and word alone
    The power to do great damage (earthquake, fire etc.)
    The minds of the opponents (illusions, suggestions, etc.)
    The courage and valour of your men (encourage, etc.)
    The power over the men and beasts (growth, poison breath, etc.)
  • 8
    If you where to study one kind of lore, which would you choose first?
    The sociology of power, suffering and chaos
    Animals and life
  • 9
    Magic's purpose is to?
    Give service and get service in return as a cycle
    Serve mankind
    To increase one's might (be a powerful wizard, have potent spells, etc.)
    To give the owner power and control
    Further the self with its benefits (knowledge, artifice, etc.)
  • 10
    Where would you dwell if you where exiled and could only live in one of these places?
    A place of learning
    A place under control of a regime and hope you can take some power
    A warlord clan
    A cave in a secluded forest
    A holy temple where great service to mankind is done