The All you need to know about Friends

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This is a quiz for all of you people who think you know everything about Friends.

  • 1
    Why didn't Ross' Parents like Chandler?
    They think he is weird
    He didn't go to college
    Ross smoked pot and said Chandler did it
    They don't think is dad
    Chandler kissed Ross' mom
  • 2
    Why does Monica have to go to the eye doctor on Thanksgiving day?
    She wanted to see Richard again
    Joey stabbed her eye with a fork trying to get some meat
    Ice flew in her eye
    She can't see out of it
  • 3
    How did Phoebe, Joey, and Monica now that Ross was the father of Rachel's baby?
    Ross left his wallet in her room
    They guessed and got it right
    Rachel told them
    He left his red shirt over at Joey's apartment
  • 4
    In the last season why did Joey tell Monica and Chandler that the house they were going to buy had mould?
    He didn't want them to move away
    Joey wanted to buy the house for his parents
    Joey was afraid to live alone in the apartment building
  • 5
    Why doesn't any one want Rachel as their secret Santa?
    She never gives gifts
    She returns every thing for store credit
    She throws the present away
  • 6
    On the list of Pros and cons of dating Rachel that Ross made up what was one of the cons?
    She is mean to Ross
    Rachel doesn't like Ben
    She isn't Janice
    She has fat ankles
  • 7
    How does Ross find out about Chandler and Monica?
    Joey told Ross she that he didn't have to keep a secret anymore
    Ross sees them through the window of his apartment
    He over heard them
  • 8
    What is Rachel afraid of that Emma might have to get when she is older?
    A nose job
    A boyfriend
    a job
  • 9
    What does the nanny play for Emma on the recorder?
    Barney's theme song
    Hot Cross Buns
    Marry had a little lamb
  • 10
    Why does Ross have to give up Marcel his monkey?
    Marcel bites
    Marcel tears the house apart
    Marcel humps every thing

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