Do they like you?

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Find out if that special someone has their eye on you for Christmas….

  • 1
    What do they do when you catch them looking at you?
    Look away quickly.
    Call you a mean name or tell you to stop staring at them
    Smile and wink or whisper something sweet, e.g. Hi sexy.
    Smile and look a little humiliated.
    Look at you for a moment and then casually look away and smile slightly.
  • 2
    Have they ever complimented you?
    Yeah, once or twice, but it’s very casual stuff, like “I like your bag” or “That’s a cool watch”
    Once I think. They might have been joking though.
    Yes. Sometimes when they are with their friends and they say that I look cool then he/she joins in too.
    All the time. They says stuff like, “Your eyes are beautiful” or “I love your hair”. Anything they can think of about me he compliments me on!
    NO WAY! Only in my dreams…
  • 3
    Do they know you like them?
    YES! All my friends told them. But it’s kind of obvious by the way I act around them too.
    No, I’m not sure if they even know my name.
    Yes. I send them love letters, poems, naked photos, etc. Some people might call it stalking.
    Maybe. I’m not quite sure, but I think he/she has his/her suspicions though. Only a few people know but it might have leaked some how.
    I told him face to face and I’m always flirting. So yes, they defiantly know.
  • 4
    Are you friends?
    Yeah. We always talk and text each other.
    We kind of are. We talk sometimes and they joke around. But we’re not really close.
    Yes! We have been since we were little.
    No. He/she hates me! He/she is really mean to me and are always teasing me!
    No Way! I’m pretty sure they have never seen me face to face!
  • 5
    On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most, how much do you think they like you?
    About a 5. Doesn’t love me, doesn’t hate me.
    Does -10000000 count? I’m pretty sure they hate me!
    About a 7 or an 8. We’re friends after all.
    About a 10 or higher!
    2. They don’t think too highly of me.
  • 6
    What is the most common thing they say to you?
    They don’t actually know me, so therefore we haven’t actually spoken.
    “Get lost” or “Can you please stop talking to me, you’re really annoying!”
    “Hey, you haven’t emailed me in a while. What’s going on?”
    "Hi there sexy” or “We should do something on the weekend”.
    “Hey”. Plain and simple.
  • 7
    Have they ever given you a gift?
    No way! There is just no way! Sob…
    A few times. Just for Christmas/birthdays though.
    I got a card and chocolates on Valentine's day and I’m pretty sure they were from him/her.
    Roses every day almost!
    Once at my birthday party. That’s only because their mum made them though.
  • 8
    How alike are you two?
    A lot! We always find ourselves agreeing on things that we like or hate.
    Quite a lot. We agree on things about 50% of the time.
    I don’t actually know him well enough to make a judgment yet. But I did see him eating salt and vinegar chips once…. I like salt and vinegar chips!
    Some things, like colors and our opinions on different teachers at our school.
    We are so different! Every thing I say he always disagrees or differs to. It’s so frustrating!
  • 9
    Do you guys go anywhere together?
    We talk a lot at school, and email and text each other out of school. But we don’t very often go anywhere together. Just talk.
    Always! We go everywhere together. We spend 90% of our time together!
    I once had a dream that we went on a romantic walk along the beach together. But I’ve never actually talked to him, so I guess that’s a no.
    If we are in a group of people. But never on our own.
    We occasionally go shopping together or get drinks together. But we often go out with a group of friends.
  • 10
    Have they ever flirted with you or told you that they like you?
    We have never spoken, so NEITHER! Sob!
    They tell me they like me all the time, but I’m not sure weather they mean it or not. And they are the biggest flirt ever!
    They sometimes flirt…sometimes…
    I think they might have subtly flirted, but nothing major. I’m not even sure if it was flirting.
    They often flirt and send me sweet text messages like “ How’s your day been, I’ve been thinking about you and miss you” But never directly told me that they like me.

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