The Greatest Pirates of the Caribbean Character Test

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Which POTC character are you most like? Let an expert tell you!

  • 1
    You find $10 on the street. You…
    Take it, no matter who's looking.
    Use it to buy something for a friend or family member.
    Use it to buy something pretty for yourself.
    Slip it into your pocket when no one’s looking.
    Take it straight to the police.
  • 2
    You're marooned on an island. You...
    Find a way to get off the island by yourself
    Get drunk and dance on the shore.
    Look for treasure
    Signal for help and wait patiently.
    Burn the whole island in the hopes that a passing ship will see you and save you
  • 3
    Have you ever skipped school?
    Only in an emergency
    Never gone, never will
    I've tried...and failed
    Never, I wouldn't dream of even being late
    School? I think I've gone a couple times...
  • 4
    Cruel undead pirates attack your town. You...
    Fight to protect everyone
    Are grounded. You can't do anything, undead pirates or not.
    Organize a group to defend the "important" people.
    I am one of them
    Cower in your bedroom and send someone else to see how it's going
  • 5
    Your favorite occasion is..
    Anything involving death, money or apples
    Anything where I get presents and see a cute guy/girl
    Any occasion where I get to see my friends and family
    Serious occasions
    Weddings! Drinks all around!
  • 6
    Your favorite kind of clothes are...
    The latest fashion, or anything frilly, lacy, pretty or low cut
    Fancy, expensive, formal outfits.
    I don't care about fashion- I wear pretty much the same thing everyday
    Comfortable clothes
    Big hats. With feathers
  • 7
    What's your favorite food?
    Fancy foods.
    I'm thankful for whatever I get.
    I don't eat. I'm anorexic. Unless I get to use my fingers, that is.
  • 8
    Your views on money...
    I love money, who cares how you get it?
    Money's alright, but it's the things you can get with it that I love!
    Not all treasure's silver and gold, mate.
    I'm not obsessed with treasure!
    I like money, when it's honestly earned.
  • 9
    Do you wear jewellery?
    Yes, I have one ring. And one necklace. And one earring. And..
    No, but I manage to look like a haughty foppish jerk anyhow.
    Rings. And beads in my hair. Does that count?
    Pretty necklaces and earrings.
  • 10
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Whatever I feel like doing.
    Looking at myself in the mirror, and trying to get skinnier. If that's possible
    Playing a sport or practicing a hobby while thinking of my true love
    Trying to look important, but failing utterly, and trying to woo the love of my life, but failing utterly at that too

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