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Are you good at Japanese? We'll see!

  • 1
    What does 'doshitano' mean in English?
    How are you?
    How do you do?
    What's up?
  • 2
    What does 'tanjobi omedeto' mean in English?
    Happy holiday!
    Happy birthday!
    Happy New Year!
  • 3
    What does 'itadakimasu' mean in English?
    What happened?
    I'm going to eat
    See you later!
  • 4
    What does 'oyaji' mean in English?
    Young man
    Old man
    Young woman
    Old woman
  • 5
    What does 'gomen nasai' mean in English?
    Pardon me
    I'm sorry
    Excuse me
  • 6
    What does 'sumimasen' mean in English?
    Excuse me/I'm sorry
    Forgive me/My apology
    Pardon me/Excuse me
  • 7
    What does 'minne, metite kure' mean in English?
    Get out of here!
    Leave me alone!
    Everyone, look at me!
  • 8
    What does 'datte, sekako kita damoncho todaka' mean in English?
    But, we have come all this way, so just a little
    So, what if it won't work?
    Well, I don't think we can do that
  • 9
    What does 'kankinidane' mean in English?
    I don't care
    So what?
  • 10
    What does 'mukinakeiwa omainoshieno datana' mean in English? (this one is not easy at all!)
    You were always the one leaving others out of the loopholes
    You were the one leaving others behind
    You were the one who didn't help us
    You were the one leaving us behind

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Haruka ( 7.185 )
Posted 178 days ago
Lol with my last comment though please don't mind that. Sooo anyway, most of the Japanese spelling in this quiz aren't even the correct spelling. Especially in the 10th question, lmao. Like what the hell did I just read? O.o I'll start off orderly.

#1 The accurate translation for "Dou[BEEP]ano?" is "What's wrong?"
#6 I agree with Eadwine. Sumimasen can also mean three options. It could mean "Pardon me" "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me"
#7 Lol this is so wrong. It's supposed to be, "Minna, miteite kure"
#8 This is worse. It's supposed to be, "Sekkaku kitandakara, mouchotto!" And "Domonco Todaka" doesn't make sense.
#9 It's supposed to be "Kankeinai" which accurately translates to "It doesn't matter" or anything related to that.
#10 Actually is the worst of all. Even if you ask a Japanese person to read and translate it, he/she wouldn't answer because they don't understand it. It sounds like a randomly made-up Japanese sentence, no offence.

And lastly, it's "Omae" not "Omai"
Eadwine ( 8.147 )
Posted 297 days ago
I had to try really hard to find something to fit the question...
Sumimasen can actually mean all three options. And then there were the numerous typo's or plain mistakes. ('ti' doesn't even exist as a syllable)