Do Boys Like You?

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Do boys like you? You Should Find out! Take this Quiz!

  • 1
    If You have a crush on a popular guy at school, and he comes up and says hi, what would you do?
  • 2
    If your crush didn't know that you were alive what would you do?
  • 3
    What is your favorite color out of these?
  • 4
    If you were going to ask your crush to the dance you would say.....
  • 5
    What is your perfect gift a guy can give you?
  • 6
    What is your dream date?
  • 7
    Who do you like the most out of all these guys?
  • 8
    Do you like guys who are.....?
  • 9
    If you were to be in a movie... it would most likely be a....
  • 10
    You like boys with...

Comments (28)


Selene (46602)
3 days ago
Also he acts like he hates me and he wont talk to me and whenever I see him I start to cry.
Selene (46602)
3 days ago
I have a crush on a really popular boy in school, but he says he hates me and wants me to die. But he also looks at me a lot, smiles at me a lot and his friends say he like me. Does he like me, or no? BTW the test said boys love me.
Naudia Vanjelgerhuis (70137)
14 days ago
I love Griffin son,jayden bodine,Hayden Cobb,Michael Cobb,and will Hayden and I hate all the haters that hate me and Griffin girlfriend I am going too stock you give me your names now 💗.
Naudia Vanjelgerhuis (70137)
14 days ago
I like jayden in school but I really want to know if he likes me because he gave me a heart saying this is you and me
alliya (81489)
22 days ago
Many boys like me it means i am beautiful
Fnaf Girl (63320)
28 days ago
All i know is that a boy liked me in fourth grade but i don't know if boys like me now (i hope)
stacie (34101)
30 days ago
I like chase

Alya (92106)
32 days ago
Every Man's Dream ?! 😇🤗
Princess (92925)
32 days ago
I got 40 I am a hyper girl which boys like
Not telling you (42233)
33 days ago
Vivian, they told me the same thing
Vivian (20601)
41 days ago
You literally just told me to completely change my personality.
Maddison (23750)
50 days ago
Hiso bored
Alena (77644)
59 days ago
I really like him but I am not aloud t date or flirt and I'm a fraud t tell him what do I do???!!!
Alena (77644)
59 days ago
I wish it was a tiny bit more accurate I have a guy I like I use t casually talk to him but now I giggle and blush like I have sun burn every time I text him how could in talk t him in real life?!
Tomsboy girl (61394)
65 days ago
Yep u right some boy scared of me and i am toms boy i love black and blue my favouit colour do boy love me cos i love the boy who in my school
Layla (61394)
65 days ago
So do boy like or love me and is truth that some boys scared of me
Country Girl (87425)
83 days ago
I got a 40%.. It's right on the "hyper part" but at least I'm not shy or have no personality.. Maybe it's right.. Maybe not. I just hope someone will find me and love me. I Love everyone no matter what u get on this quiz
Jennell (87171)
89 days ago
say I was a tomboy I do not like it it is wrong do not try it.
Me (27755)
98 days ago
Wrong wrong wrong
Haleena (57914)
104 days ago
it did not say for me im saying im a 40% not lyeing though im cute understanding and careing