Which Hobbit Are You?

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Which of the four Hobbits in the Fellowship in The Lord of the Rings are you most like?

  • 1
    You and your friends have just played a fun and lively game, and you lost. Your response is:
    “Congratulations to the winner!”
    “Ah, I knew that last move wasn’t a good idea. Oh well, it was a good game anyway.”
    “Let’s play again! That was fun!”
    “Rematch! I know I can win!”
  • 2
    You and a friend are at a party, and you notice that your friend looks very uncomfortable. You…
    Just offer your quiet sympathy and be ready to leave if your friend wants to go early.
    Quietly ask what the matter is.
    Try to dispel/counteract/distract from whatever is making him/her uncomfortable without drawing attention to him/her.
    Try everything you can think of to cheer your friend up.
  • 3
    You have just learned that something has happened that could turn your life upside down. In general, what is your first reaction?
    Oh no! I’d better think fast!
    Frantic horror.
    Okay, this is not good at all! But I’ll try to keep my wits about me and act accordingly.
    Inside I’m screaming “Help! What do I do?” but outwardly I manage to stay relatively calm.
  • 4
    You accidentally cut yourself with a kitchen knife and it’s pretty deep. You’re in a hurry. What do you do?
    Tend and watch it for a reasonable amount of time; if it still looks bad, I’ll have it checked.
    Chide myself for being careless, take care of it, and go on.
    Clean and wrap it well and say nothing; I’d rather no one noticed.
    I don’t know; depends on the situation.
  • 5
    You find yourself in a life-threatening situation. What do you do?
    I’d be afraid, but I’d try to do what is best in the situation.
    Try to be brave even though I’m fighting horror.
    Try to get out of it with as little hurt or violence as possible.
    Rely on the fight-or-flight instinct, I guess.
  • 6
    A friend calls you up and tells you he/she has just won an all-expense-paid trip for two to a place halfway across the world. There’s something in or associated with that place that you’ve always wanted to see or do. He/she is leaving in two days. Your response is:
    I’m not wild about the idea of being that far away, but maybe…
    Oh yeah, adventure! Let’s go!
    I’m sorry, but I already have commitments, and no way can I get out of them in two days; it’s too last minute.
    Sure, I’d love to come!
  • 7
    You’re going on vacation. What’s the first thing you think of?
    Oh, we must see this and that while we’re there!
    I can’t wait to get there! It will be so nice!
    Hmmm…what should I pack? Don’t want to forget anything important.
    I’d better find a map.
  • 8
    When you’re in a stressful situation, you tend to…
    Try to put on a good face (if you feel you have to) and keep your worries to yourself as long as you can.
    Sometimes talk too much.
    Fall into a quiet and brooding mood.
    Try to relieve some of the tension with a light word.
  • 9
    What words are most often used to describe you? (Check the best answer, even if not all words apply.)
    Loyal, loving, down-to-earth
    Cheerful, caring, outspoken
    Compassionate, perceptive, determined
    Funny, good-natured, practical
  • 10
    You see someone doing something cruel or wrong. You…
    Try to talk them out of it.
    Ask them quietly but seriously to stop what they’re doing and tell them why it isn’t right.
    Warn them firmly about it.
    Sternly tell them they’d better stop right now and do all you can to prevent them from continuing.

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