Do you know the rules of Volleyball?

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Do you know the rules of Volleyball? All answers are in accordance with the 2006-07 NFHS Rules Book.

  • 1
    How many players are allowed on either side of the court at any one time?
  • 2
    The attack line is how far from the centre line?
    5 feet
    7 feet
    10 feet
    12 feet
  • 3
    This is a back-row player who is a defensive specialist. He or she may not attack the ball, or assist in a completed block.
    Defensive Specialist
    Offensive Specialist
  • 4
    A team rotates:
    Before the loss of a rally
    Every three points
    After five points have been awarded to the serving team
    After the loss of a rally
  • 5
    After the referee's signal to serve, a player has how many seconds to serve the ball?
  • 6
    A ball is considered dead in all of the following conditions, except:
    When the ball touches a <font>net</font> antenna
    When the ball lands out of bounds
    When the ball touches the floor
    When the ball hits the net
  • 7
    A team is allowed how many hits before the ball must cross over the net?
  • 8
    Which of the following is not considered a hit?
    An attack
    A dig
    A block
    A set
  • 9
    A multiple contact (two hits) is permitted when attempting to block and:
    On a dig in front of the attack line
    On a dig behind the attack line
    On any team's first hit
    By the setter
  • 10
    A back-row player may do which of the following?
    Set the ball
    Participate in a completed block
    Touch the net
    Attack a ball which is completely above the height of the net
  • 11
    In typical team volleyball player set-ups, the setter's main responsibility is to:
    Set the ball
    Block the ball
    Dig the ball
    Attack the ball
  • 12
    Which of the following is never permitted?
    Blocking a served ball
    A back-row attack
    Two attempts to serve
    A back-row set
  • 13
    Which of the following is legally allowed to touch the net?
    One hand
  • 14
    Recovering a ball hit into the <font>net</font> by a team is permitted when?
    Only after the first hit
    Only after the second hit
    As long as the team has a legal hit remaining
  • 15
    A libero can go in at anytime for a back-row player provided:
    The back-row player is positioned at right back
    The back-row player is positioned at left back
    The back-row player is positioned at centre back
    The two switch behind the attack line
  • 16
    The dimensions of a volleyball court are:
    30 ft by 90 ft
    20 ft by 90 ft
    40 ft by 60 ft
    30 ft by 60 ft
  • 17
    A yellow card is:
    A loss of a rally point
    An automatic forfeit
    A warning
    An ejection for a particular player/coach
  • 18
    A red card:
    Causes the loss of a rally for the offending team
    Is less serious than a yellow card
    Warrants disqualification
    Is administered for an ejection of a particular player
  • 19
    How many time-outs are allotted to a team per game?
  • 20
    A foot fault occurs:
    Whenever a player steps out of bounds
    Whenever a player contacts the serving line or violates the centre line restrictions
    Only whenever a player illegally touches or crosses the centre line
    Only whenever a player serving illegally touches or crosses the serving line

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