Are you flirty?

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Are you a major flirt or cool with the guys? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    You see Him in the hall. What is your first response?
    You walk over and ask him about homework.
    You look at him for a moment, then walk to your class
    You talk to him and make lots of eye contact, twirl your hair, and hug him before you go to your class.
    You think about what you two could have together in a relationship and wish you knew how he felt about you.
    Go talk to him for a while and all the while you stare at him with adoring eyes.
  • 2
    He’s been talking to you a lot on IM lately. Do you... talk to him an add occasional flirty phrases.
    ...think about talking to him but right before you IM him, he signs off. for hours, compliment him and make sure he knows you’re disappointed when he leaves.
    ...answer him with the usual “hey sup?”
    ….send an IM every two minutes.
  • 3
    You walk into the room at a party and look around. You see some of your girl-friends and then notice him. Your first response would be to...
    ...You talk to him for a few minutes then go to hang out with the girls for the rest of the party.
    ...Blush at his presence then walk over to talk to the girls. to your friends for a while then ask him how his lacrosse team did last weekend.
    ...Think about talking to him but right before you decide to go, he leaves the party.
    ...Go straight over to him and begin an immediate conversation and mention how well he did on his Geography project.
  • 4
    You see him at a school football game, but you don’t think he notices you so you keep sitting there watching your school get crushed. Then, he comes over with some of his friends and asks you to come and walk around with him and his friends. You…
    ...Hesitate and look around, confused, until you've waited too long.
    ...say, “I’d love to, but only because you’re going to be there,” while smiling and twirling your hair.
    ...say, “No thanks I’d rather watch the game, but I’ll see you tomorrow in class.”
    ...say, “Sure,” but have all the girls come too.
    ...say, “I’d love to, but I can’t miss my friends cheer routine at half-time.”
  • 5
    You’re going on a school field trip and the bus is full when you get on. You see two empty seats: One next to Claire, your BFF since Kindergarten, and one next to Him. Which do you pick?
    You ask him if the seat next to him is taken and if it isn’t, sit down.
    Go sit down next to him, smile, and start a conversation.
    Sit next to Claire but wonder the whole trip why you didn’t even ask about the seat next to him.
    You go sit next to Claire. You’ll probably talk to him later anyway.
    Hesitate in the doorway to the bus. Just when you decide to go for the seat next to him, one of his buddies gets on the bus and sits down in your seat.
  • 6
    You, all of your friends, Him, and all of his friends are going to a movie. You just got out of the candy line and see that all of the seats are filled, but then see that HE saved you a spot. Once you are sitting down, he starts to gradually put his arm around you. You respond by…
    ...saying, “I’m not quite ready for that. Give me some time.”
    ...…smile at him sweetly, hold his hand, then snuggle up to him for the rest of the movie.
    ...telling him, “That’s moving to fast, sorry I’m just not ready,” but ponder then thought of why you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.
    ...…say, “Sorry but I came to watch an action movie, not create a romance.” Then smile and nudge him playfully.
    ...tensing up, but then relaxing after a while (you wanted this to happen!).
  • 7
    Your school goes out for a field trip and on the way back you go out for fast food. Everyone must pay for their own meal, but when you get there you notice he forgot his money. What do you do?
    ...Walk up to him, smile sweetly, grab his hand and lay cash in it. You use your own hands to close his. You say to him, “Don’t bother paying this back, I never mind helping you!” Then stand in line next to him.
    ...You give him 5 bucks and say, “My mom gave me a little extra. Don’t spend it all in one place!” Then you smile and get back in line with your friends.
    ...Walk up to him and say (while batting your eye lashes), “Here’s some money. I noticed you were a little short on cash!” Then get in line behind him.
    ...Feel bad but don’t have the courage to give him your money. Later as you’re enjoying your burger, you wish you had shared your money with him.
    ...Wonder if giving him money would make him like you more. You’d do anything for his love! Just when you start walking to share some cash, one of his buddies steps in front of you and donates to the “burger fund”. You wish you had been just a little faster.
  • 8
    Your school is having their annual spring play and you’ve just got the lead. Surprisingly enough he got the lead too. The play is Romeo and Juliet, and he said he wants to rehearse lines at your place. He asks to act out the romance scene. You…
    …say, “Sure, but let’s not try to take all of the romance out of the kiss just yet.” Then wink and suggest a time to be at your place.
    ...say, “Sure, but let’s not practice the kiss just yet.” Later, you regret that suggestion and wonder why you said that.
    …say, “Let’s just rehearse the lines, not the kiss. Let’s leave that for the play. I don’t feel comfortable kissing my best guy-friend yet.”
    ...hesitate with your words, then he says, “I understand if you don’t want to do the kiss right now. We can just save that for the stage.”
    …say, “Of course, why not! I can’t wait to practice that kiss! Let’s make sure it is absolutely perfect!” Then lean over, kiss him for practice, and say, “See? We are going to be great!”
  • 9
    He is picked to be your partner for the science project. He suggests a study date at his place later that afternoon. You agree. When you arrive you realize there is more "date" than "study" going on. He tries to make a move while you're sitting on his couch. You react by...
    wonder what you should do. You stand there while he tries his best to make his move. You just decide to co-operate when he steps back and says, “I’m sorry you weren’t ready. I thought you were different. Why don’t you just go home and we’ll hang out some other time?” You leave and question your hesitation.
    ..kissing him a little but then decide you don’t want to get caught and push him away. He’s not a very good kisser anyway.
    …taking the opportunity. He’s ready and so are you. You begin making-out on the couch. You are sure not to let him get to into it though, no need getting him over excited at your age!
    …pushing him away and say, “Whoa I thought we were studying! Call me when you’re ready to concentrate.” Then you leave.
    ...pushing him away. You ask him how he could do that and tell him to call you when he’s ready to apologize for leading you on. Later you wonder why you were so quick to judge that situation.
  • 10
    The final for soccer are in a week and your coach has asked everyone to brush up on their skills, so you go to your crush for a practice session. Once you’re there he starts to get really flirty. You…
    ...…flirt back and then say, “I thought today would be fun with you and I was right,” and then hug him.
    ...…flirt back until you’re on the ground making-out, but then your mom calls and says she’s five minutes away. You tell him, “We can finish this later.”
    ...say, “I just came to tell you that my uncle is in town and I couldn’t make it, sorry!” Then walk down the road a little way before calling your mom to come pick you up.
    …say, “This is a soccer session, not a make-out session. Come on, we’re just friends anyways.”
    ...stand there with a confused face, but then he stops being flirty and gets serious.

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