Get To Know Your Inner Horse...

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You love horses, right? If you do, then you've probably been wondering if you were ever a horse, which one would you be? You want to know? Take this quiz to see.

  • 1
    On a trail ride, what does your horse like to do?
    My horse follows the other horses in what they do. He listens very well, and is usually very gentle. What more could you ask for from a horse?
    She can get upset if she's kept waiting for a while. She's fond of going fast, and speeds up whenever she gets the chance to.
    This horse will do anything to please me, but if she sees her owner praising another horse and their riding technique, she can get competitive and nasty.
    She tries to blend in with the big horses and not to get on their bad sides, because the last thing she wants is to get into a fight!
    He ALWAYS goes ahead of whatever horse is in front of him. He's very impatient, and heck, so am I! I let him go ahead of whoever he wants!
  • 2
    Which horse of these choices do YOU prefer?
    Shetland Ponies Rock! The are soft and close to the ground if you fall off!
    Thoroughbreds are the perfect horses for competitions!
    I guess I like appaloosas, but my favourites would HAVE to be Quarter Horses.
    Arabian! I like them zesty!
    Shires are the loyal type which suits ME.
  • 3
    Which do you like better?...
    Horsy farm work.
    Bareback riding!
    Trail rides are always fun. You get to see lots of scenery, and other horses!
    Barrel racing... Any kind of racing!
    Competitions... Dressage, jumping, you know...
  • 4
    Your personality is:
    ...Keep my eyes on the prize...
    Loyal, kind, quick to please and devoted.
    Quick and agile. Always looking for excitement... And trouble!
    Excitable, and hoping for things before they happen.
    One word: CUTE!
  • 5
    How do you feel about animals?
    Depends what animals.
    I like them, but I prefer to stick to my OWN species.
    Are you kidding? I'm always eager to meet whoever I can, and whenever I get the chance!
    I like learning about different people and animals. Their hobbies, their pastimes, their weaknesses...
    Don't trust who you don't know.
  • 6
    You and your enemy like the same girl (mare)/guy (stallion). What do you do?
    Fight for my crush! Besides, competing is my specialty.
    I bet they don't even like her/him! Their just trying to get on my nerves! Well they won't succeed...
    WHAT? That little-!
    I'm too busy to like anyone.
    Whatever. They can have her/him. I bet my crush doesn't even know I exist.
  • 7
    If you went to a summer camp, what camp would it be?
    A rodeo or Western camp! I love stuff like that!
    A camp... Hmmm... One that has something to do with endurance or outdoor challenges.
    A fun camp with lots of people! Maybe circus or an exciting sports camp... Tramp lining!
    It has to be classy and expensive like tennis or sailing.
  • 8
    English Riding.
    What else?
    I like Western, and I'm sticking with it!
    Don't care, as long as I can race!
  • 9
    Snack time! Which do you choose?
    I could really go for Molasses coffee right now...
    A nice, hardy snack!
    Whatever! As long as it's a lot!
    Some fruit would be nice.
    Something small and light.
  • 10
    Last question! Which horse do you think you are?
    Anything high-class.
    A pony, maybe?
    Clydesdale? I think that I'm most like a Draft Horse.
    Arabian! They're my favourite, and I'm sticking to them!
    Quarter horse!

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