Are You In Love?

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It might just be a crush, it might be the real thing, take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    When you see them do you...?
    Just smile at them
    Nothing, your too embarrassed
    Give them a hug and a kiss
    Automatically run and jump into their arms then kiss them with passion
    Just a simple kiss on the cheek, no need for anything else
  • 2
    How Long Have You Been Together?
    5 years or more
    Under 5 years
    Only a couple of weeks
    About a year
    Couple of months
  • 3
    What Was Your First Date Like?
    Just stayed at mine or their house
    I can't remember it included too much alcohol - but I'm sure it was a nice night
    Dinner and a movie
    There was no first date
    A romantic dinner then we walked along the beach
  • 4
    Do You Feel Your Heart Swell Whenever They Tell You 'I Love You'?
    YES! All the time
    I have only heard of other people describe it, I haven't felt it for myself
    No, I don't really believe that can happen
    I feel my heart swell whenever I think about them!
    I have a few times, but I just ignored it
  • 5
    When You See Another Good Looking Person Walking In The Street You Automatically Think...?
    Oh my god, WHERE?
    Oh they were so gorgeous, I wish I was with them!
    Nothing, you don't see them what so ever
    Yes they looked good, but not interested
    Just because your on a diet doesn't mean you can't read the menu
  • 6
    Has There Been 'Kinky' Bits In The Relationship?
    On the first date!
    We had sex after a week
    After about a week there was
    Yes, but we love each other, and have been together for a very long time
    After about a month, there was a little bit kinky
  • 7
    How Often Do You Talk To Them?
    We live together so what would you expect
    Every about 3 days
    Once a week - I'm guessing
    More than once every day! We can't stop talking to each other!
  • 8
    How Do They Introduce You?
    They don't - your left sitting in the corner, but you don't mind
    "This is (your name) my wife/husband" and then they give you a quick kiss
    "This is (your name) my girlfriend/boyfriend" and they give you a kiss
    "This is (your name) my girlfriend/boyfriend" and they grin at you
    "This is (your name)"
  • 9
    Do You Know A Lot About Them?
    A little - I have only known them for about 3 days
    Ask me absolutely anything - I can write their life story if I wanted to
    Yes I guess I can say that I know most things
    Enough to be their boyfriend/girlfriend
    Nothing at all - we hardly talk
  • 10
    Do You Think About Being Kinky With Them All The Time?
    Of course
    That's the only thing I think about!
    That's not what the relationship is just about, there is much more to it
  • 11
    Would You Go Through Anything Or Do Anything Just To See Them Or Be With Them?
    Of course!
    Not sure - depends on what you call 'anything'
    Most likely
    No, not really, they are not that special I guess
    I have been through everything to be with them, and I don't regret one second!
  • 12
    Are You Able To Act Silly And Be Stupid In Front Of Them?
    I don't see them enough to get the chance
    Yes sometimes I guess I can act normal and myself
    No! I am way to embarrassed
    Yes of course
    I am able to be completely myself around them - no worries at all
  • 13
    Have You Ever Done Something To Each Other That Leads To Orgasm?
    Yes - but there is a lot more to the relationship than just that
    Of course - if not the relationship would be a complete waste of time
    That's the fun bits
    That's the only thing we ever do - no need for anything else
    Yes once or twice I guess
  • 14
    If You Ever Got Upset About Them Is It Worth It?
    It's worth every tear and every emotion - and always will be
    Yes, but it becomes too often and then it would just become too much
    Depends on what has made me upset
    Not at all, as soon as they make you upset or angry they should hit the road
  • 15
    If You Were Ever Upset Would They Be Able To Make You Smile Again?
    They are more likely to be the one who is making me upset
    I don't talk to them enough
    I hope they would
    Yer they would
    Of course they would! They make me happy every minute of every day!
  • 16
    Do You Always Want To Touch Them And Have Them In Your Arms?
    I don't see them that often to tell
    I haven't hugged them before
    Whenever I am with them I want to hug them
    All the time! Even when they are not with me
  • 17
    You Feel Nervous Every time Before You See Them...?
    No matter how many times I have seen them, I still get nervous
    The first date I did
    Never felt nervous for another
    About the first 10 times I saw them I did
    Not with this boyfriend/girlfriend
  • 18
    Whenever You See Them Happy It Makes You Happy?
    Yes, sometimes
    Am I supposed to feel happy for others?
    Yes! Whenever I see them smile it makes me smile
    Of course
  • 19
    Does It Matter To You On What They Are Wearing Or If They Look Like A Mess?
    I can't be seen in public with them!
    I will love them no matter what they look like
    It doesn't bother me really
    If they look bad they are dumped
    They can look like a mess if they want to - their choice
  • 20
    Do You Tell Each Other That You Love Each Other?
    I've said it once before but I didn't mean it
    Yes every now and then
    Love is real?
    Yes all the time
    It's one of the most common things we say!

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