What Type of Flower are You?

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Are you an elegant rose or a delicate daisy? Take this quiz to find out what type of flower you are. Answer truthfully!

  • 1
    Your friends describe you as...
    Adventurous and Outgoing
    Shy and Withdrawn
    Sexy and Sophisticated
    Bright and Cheery
  • 2
    Your favorite color is...
    Yellow and Bright
    Beige and Subtle
    Orange and Wild
    Red and Warm
  • 3
    If you could have any pet it would be a...
    Snake; wild and fun
    Persian Cat; soft and loving
    Dog; trusty companion and never judges you
    Goldfish; normal and not hard to care for
  • 4
    You're at the biggest party of the year and are...
    chatting with some close friends
    in the other room making out some guy
    the centre of attention, talking to everybody and anybody
    You didn't go, you hate parties
  • 5
    Your dream home would be...
    a simple cabin in the woods with a big garden and a library
    so big that it has an indoor pool, a tennis court, and an exercise room full of the latest equipment
    big, but not too much of a show off
    full of candles and ambiance
  • 6
    If you could go anywhere in the world it would be...
    Paris, France
    Mount Everest
    a garden full of exotic plants
  • 7
    Your favorite TV show is...
    Desperate Housewives
    Get Color!
    Deal or No Deal
    Amazing Race
  • 8
    Your dream job is...
    a gardener
    any type of athlete
    a clothing designer
    a model
  • 9
    Your perfect man would be...
    adventurous and funny
    calm and collective
    sweet and sexy
    caring and understanding
  • 10
    If you could be any type of flower it would be...
    a tulip
    a whole garden
    a rose
    any flower that is bright and colorful