Does the girl you like likes you back?

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Find out for sure whether your crush likes you as well!

  • 1
    When you talk to each other, does she smile and/or laugh while she makes eye contact (if she makes eye contact)?
    She smiles and gives eye contact sometimes, but is distracted by other things/people
    Maybe, I don't really know
    Yes! She smiles widely, giggles at times, and there is a lot of eye contact
  • 2
    Do you know if she has a boyfriend or not? (She may like you more, answer truthfully)
    She was holding hands with another guy once...
    Yeah, she's taken
    No, she's single! Hooray!
    I honestly have no idea
    No, she's single, but she isn't really looking for someone at the moment
  • 3
    How often do you talk to her?
    We talk every day! In fact, I'm talking to her right now!
    We rarely talk, and when we do, she wants something from me
    Not very often, but I do see her looking at me down the hall...
    She avoids me
    She talks to me when I approach her. She seems happy when I approach her, and is willing to talk
  • 4
    You ask her to hang out at the mall sometime, what does she say?
    "I'd love to! That sounds awesome!"
    "I can't, I'm hanging out with my boyfriend after school."
    "I'm busy today, sorry!"
    "Sure, that sounds cool."
    "I am busy after school today, maybe some other time?"
  • 5
    Is she really shy or nervous around you?
    I don't know
    Yeah, extremely nervous and shy, and sometimes giddy...
    A little, but she's shy around everybody
    Not one bit
    Yeah, her voice cracks a little, and she breathes a little more heavy than usual
  • 6
    Has she ever hugged you?
    Yes, and she rather liked it...
    No, but if I reached in for one, she probably would hug me
    Yeah, a few times actually!
    No, she probably wouldn't like to either
    Once, nothing special though
  • 7
    Are you the type of guy she would like as a boyfriend?
    Why not? I'm tall, dark, and handsome...
    Nah, not me
    She likes athletic guys more, but maybe!
    She gives me flirtatious looks, so she must think I'm good-looking
    I don't know, maybe
  • 8
    Has she ever told you she likes you?
    Yes, she came right out with it
    No, she barely talks to me
    No, she is just a good friend
    She has kind of hinted at it...
    No, but I'm positive she does (she is shy like that)
  • 9
    Does she ever give you weird/disgusted looks?
    That one time when I hadn't shaved...
    No, quite the opposite actually!
    She doesn't, but that is not in her character to do so
    Maybe, I don't remember
    Very often
  • 10
    Does she ever talk about you with her girlfriends?
    I honestly don't know
    I doubt it
    I saw them giggling while looking at me once...
    All the time! She should invite me over to talk more often
  • 11
    Has she ever gone out of her way to try to talk to you?
    She'll smile at me if she sees me, then we'll strike up a conversation
    I usually go out of my way to talk to her
    She bumped into me once (on purpose most likely)
    Yeah, she called my name loudly down the hall once...
  • 12
    Do you have her phone number? If so, how often do you call her? If not, do you think she'd give it to you?
    I have her number, we talk often
    I asked for her number, but she said she couldn't give it to me (family privacy, etc.)
    I don't have her number, but she would probably give it to me!
    I have her number, but I have not called her yet
    I don't have her number, but she probably isn't willing to give it out
  • 13
    When you ask her a question, does she simply answer, or does she ask you a question back?
    She willingly answers back
    She answers back, like she is doing me a favour
    She looks at me, and then says "huh?"
    I don't ask her many questions, so I would not know
    She answers back, and then asks me the same question, interested
  • 14
    Do you guys flirt at all?
    All the time!
    Rarely, but now that you mention it...maybe
    I don't know
    She smiles flirtatiously, if that counts
  • 15
    Do you think she thinks you like her?
    Not really
    Yeah, it's pretty obvious
    I hint at it a lot, so possibly
  • 16
    Have you ever taken her out?
    We went out once, it did not go well
    We're going out this Saturday
    No, I'm too chicken to ask, but she might be willing to
    I asked her out once, but she said she was busy
    We went out once, she said she had a great time!
  • 17
    Do you guys share the same interests? Music/hobbies/etc?
    We disagree on a few things, but we agree on a couple things as well
    I don't know her that well yet, so I have no idea
    We love all the same things! We're soul mates!
    No, we're like complete opposites
    We like a lot of the same things
  • 18
    Do her eyes ever sparkle at you when she looks at you?
    Not at all...
    She smiles at me sometimes, however, I am not too sure about the eyes
    Big...glaring...sparkles...too sparkly...
    I honestly don't know, maybe
    She doesn't look at me often
  • 19
    Does she have a lot of male friends, besides you? If so, how do you think she "ranks" you amongst them?
    A lot of male friends, I don't know where I rank
    A lot of male friends, I think I am at the top, after all, she does hang around me the most
    She has one or two male friends, including me, she talks to me the most
    Just her boyfriend, and me...
    A lot of male friends, I am near the bottom of the list I think
  • 20
    How do you think she would feel if she saw you with another girl?
    She would feel indifferent
    I don't know!
    She would be very jealous, and might come over...

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Yay ( 233.9 )
Posted Yesterday
She asked me right after this lol I said yes and now we are boyfriend and girlfriend ❤️
marcel ( 42.65 )
Posted 4 days ago
does she like me or not
Hermione Jean Granger: Climber ( 7.209 )
Posted 8 days ago
I am a girl who took this to see if I'm sending the right messages, but this seems like a 5 star quiz. Good Job!
Tsubaki ( 1.189 )
Posted 15 days ago
Colton ( 99.91 )
Posted 19 days ago
Wait a minute. My results on almost every test that says, are yall friends say get to know her better. We are friends! I put that on evry test!
starlyt ( 0.244 )
Posted 20 days ago
Kainalu Berg I just did this test to see what it would say and if u do this test I do like u a lot actually so... ask me
Colton ( 9.200 )
Posted 20 days ago
Yea! She likes me, and crap, she likes me. I'm glad she likes me but I'm such a chicken, I wouldn't do anything if she did.
Shinon asada Facebook ( 4.126 )
Posted 23 days ago
She loves me
A bit weird that I like girls
I am a girl so it makes it real (⌒▽⌒)
Tommy ( 94.31 )
Posted 24 days ago
Freind Zoned :( Maaaaaaaaan
Anonymous ( 7.113 )
Posted 25 days ago
I seriously hope this thing is true
value ( 5.208 )
Posted 25 days ago
i dont know if this girl likes me but we are friends
( )
Posted 16922 days ago
Posted 28 days ago
these tips are quite beneficial.but I'm in confusion!
Sama ( 0.152 )
Posted 29 days ago
I took it and I'm a girl
Luke ( 5.242 )
Posted 31 days ago
On Valentine's Day I asked a girl if she would be my valentine but now she knows and I don't think she likes me I fell foolish but now after this quiz I think she just want stk be my friend.
Amc ( .2.43 )
Posted 32 days ago
I'm a girl and I took it,based on what is true.
james ( 3.245 )
Posted 36 days ago
how to if a girl likes
Destiny ( 0.108 )
Posted 38 days ago
I am a girl did it 2 see if my crush knowes i like him or if i need 2 do more is that wired
Daniel ( 8.235 )
Posted 46 days ago
How To Know If A Girl likes U
lil kev ( 77.54 )
Posted 50 days ago
This girl like me because she stay hitting on me and I say dumbest things and she thinks its funny [BEEP] and if I see her she will smile at me I'm the only person that she smile at.😍😍😎