Does the girl you like likes you back?

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Find out for sure whether your crush likes you as well!

  • 1
    When you talk to each other, does she smile and/or laugh while she makes eye contact (if she makes eye contact)?
    She smiles and gives eye contact sometimes, but is distracted by other things/people
    Maybe, I don't really know
    Yes! She smiles widely, giggles at times, and there is a lot of eye contact
  • 2
    Do you know if she has a boyfriend or not? (She may like you more, answer truthfully)
    No, she's single! Hooray!
    No, she's single, but she isn't really looking for someone at the moment
    She was holding hands with another guy once...
    Yeah, she's taken
    I honestly have no idea
  • 3
    How often do you talk to her?
    Not very often, but I do see her looking at me down the hall...
    She avoids me
    We rarely talk, and when we do, she wants something from me
    We talk every day! In fact, I'm talking to her right now!
    She talks to me when I approach her. She seems happy when I approach her, and is willing to talk
  • 4
    You ask her to hang out at the mall sometime, what does she say?
    "I'd love to! That sounds awesome!"
    "I'm busy today, sorry!"
    "Sure, that sounds cool."
    "I am busy after school today, maybe some other time?"
    "I can't, I'm hanging out with my boyfriend after school."
  • 5
    Is she really shy or nervous around you?
    A little, but she's shy around everybody
    Not one bit
    I don't know
    Yeah, her voice cracks a little, and she breathes a little more heavy than usual
    Yeah, extremely nervous and shy, and sometimes giddy...
  • 6
    Has she ever hugged you?
    Yeah, a few times actually!
    Once, nothing special though
    No, but if I reached in for one, she probably would hug me
    No, she probably wouldn't like to either
    Yes, and she rather liked it...
  • 7
    Are you the type of guy she would like as a boyfriend?
    She gives me flirtatious looks, so she must think I'm good-looking
    I don't know, maybe
    Nah, not me
    She likes athletic guys more, but maybe!
    Why not? I'm tall, dark, and handsome...
  • 8
    Has she ever told you she likes you?
    She has kind of hinted at it...
    Yes, she came right out with it
    No, she barely talks to me
    No, she is just a good friend
    No, but I'm positive she does (she is shy like that)
  • 9
    Does she ever give you weird/disgusted looks?
    That one time when I hadn't shaved...
    Maybe, I don't remember
    Very often
    No, quite the opposite actually!
    She doesn't, but that is not in her character to do so
  • 10
    Does she ever talk about you with her girlfriends?
    I doubt it
    All the time! She should invite me over to talk more often
    I saw them giggling while looking at me once...
    I honestly don't know
  • 11
    Has she ever gone out of her way to try to talk to you?
    I usually go out of my way to talk to her
    She bumped into me once (on purpose most likely)
    She'll smile at me if she sees me, then we'll strike up a conversation
    Yeah, she called my name loudly down the hall once...
  • 12
    Do you have her phone number? If so, how often do you call her? If not, do you think she'd give it to you?
    I don't have her number, but she would probably give it to me!
    I have her number, but I have not called her yet
    I don't have her number, but she probably isn't willing to give it out
    I asked for her number, but she said she couldn't give it to me (family privacy, etc.)
    I have her number, we talk often
  • 13
    When you ask her a question, does she simply answer, or does she ask you a question back?
    I don't ask her many questions, so I would not know
    She answers back, like she is doing me a favour
    She willingly answers back
    She looks at me, and then says "huh?"
    She answers back, and then asks me the same question, interested
  • 14
    Do you guys flirt at all?
    I don't know
    All the time!
    Rarely, but now that you mention it...maybe
    She smiles flirtatiously, if that counts
  • 15
    Do you think she thinks you like her?
    Not really
    Yeah, it's pretty obvious
    I hint at it a lot, so possibly
  • 16
    Have you ever taken her out?
    I asked her out once, but she said she was busy
    No, I'm too chicken to ask, but she might be willing to
    We're going out this Saturday
    We went out once, she said she had a great time!
    We went out once, it did not go well
  • 17
    Do you guys share the same interests? Music/hobbies/etc?
    We disagree on a few things, but we agree on a couple things as well
    I don't know her that well yet, so I have no idea
    We like a lot of the same things
    No, we're like complete opposites
    We love all the same things! We're soul mates!
  • 18
    Do her eyes ever sparkle at you when she looks at you?
    Big...glaring...sparkles...too sparkly...
    I honestly don't know, maybe
    She doesn't look at me often
    She smiles at me sometimes, however, I am not too sure about the eyes
    Not at all...
  • 19
    Does she have a lot of male friends, besides you? If so, how do you think she "ranks" you amongst them?
    A lot of male friends, I don't know where I rank
    She has one or two male friends, including me, she talks to me the most
    A lot of male friends, I think I am at the top, after all, she does hang around me the most
    A lot of male friends, I am near the bottom of the list I think
    Just her boyfriend, and me...
  • 20
    How do you think she would feel if she saw you with another girl?
    I don't know!
    She would be very jealous, and might come over...
    She would feel indifferent

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Anonymous ( 76717 )
Posted 21 days ago
There's a decent chance she likes me, she has a boyfriend but they have had bumps in the past, they broke up once but they are back together but still seem edgy around each other, I guess I could be next?
Awesome ( 85662 )
Posted 24 days ago
I hope she likes me
DJ curry ( 99423 )
Posted 27 days ago
kaitlyn Smith if u read this u know
Sebbie ( 45516 )
Posted 43 days ago
This is brilliant the girl likes me and she has a boyfriend I think I'm gonna be next hopefully i love Sophie Allan
hani ( 18933 )
Posted 44 days ago
i hope this girl likes me
Dptt ( 49030 )
Posted 44 days ago
There is this girl named jaylin lombardi but shes taken and is staring at me a lot and i love her shes always smiling at me i wanna ask her out
Josh ( 89565 )
Posted 45 days ago
Asked this girl out last year said no and sorry but I still like her it's been a year and I still really like her idk what to do is it like weird if I ask her again idk plz help
Smartie ( 70739 )
Posted 55 days ago
This is not right is it a fake website
Emma ( 59224 )
Posted 84 days ago
I'm actually a girl who checked this site for my bro with lady problems and I desired to help him and all of u homies out there. So u like this girl and h think she's everything u ever wanted there's only ONE solution: just TELL her u like her!! If she's a really good friend and cares for u , u have NOTHING to worry about!! She will never do anything to hurt your feelings! So just go for it!! And BTW here's a hint : girls don't like to wait at ALL. So just be forward and tell her, it will save to crazy, countless nights all girls have wondering if he likes her or not. So hope this advice helps all of u!! Best of luck!!

P.S- if she doesn't like u back and she said it in a rude voice and scolded u, DON'T cry!! She's the one who is supposed to cry coz she lost someone who loved her and u lost someone who do isn't love u...c the difference?? Anyways best of luck again!!!
Winger785 ( 33580 )
Posted 84 days ago
I know she has a lot of guys after her and a few guy friends, but irdk if she likes me or not cause she's a compulsive flirt. She does talk to me like i'm her bf but since she actually has a bf, idk what to think. Quiz says i have a decent chance but i wish she'd settle down.
E lover ( 84186 )
Posted 96 days ago
Imma girl- and i just took this test to c what i would b like 2 HIM if he liked ME- and from HIS perspective when taking the test- i got there is a decent chance-- well--- why hasn't he made a move? Well- there is a HUGE chance he doesnt like me-- but--......... :'(

well - i guess i'll have to go with the 40% chance that he likes me.
Alex ( 99966 )
Posted 104 days ago
This gril in my class huge me she cuddled around me and she took me out and she asked do you want to be my loved on and of course I said yes now she lives with me
Some asian ( 76755 )
Posted 106 days ago
This phoe is hot i think he lik me
Dylan ( 63852 )
Posted 107 days ago
I like this girl in my class and I think she's cute and I can tell she likes me back. But I'm too scared to talk to her. I can tell she is too because one time my friend and I stood next to her and she stopped breathing and almost passed out. What should I do?
Red Føx ( 65730 )
Posted 110 days ago
I am a transgender. I've told the girl I like that I like her many times. She told me we could be friends, but probably not anything more... took this quiz for fun... good luck people!
Girl ( 80801 )
Posted 111 days ago
I took the quiz, pretending to be the guy I like. It's sooooo off. I am HEAD OVER HELLS for the guy I like and it told me that I just want to be friends with him?!
christan ( 85737 )
Posted 115 days ago
someone help I posted something earlier please HELP
A guy named Chris ( 57417 )
Posted 116 days ago
Me and her are great friends, shes one of my best friends actually and ive known her for a few years. She likes gives hints and signs to me that she may like me, and i do the same. and some of our friends ship us so like i really hope it works out. But for all the other people out there who arent going as good, i can just say this. love is complicated so take it slow
Him ( 85908 )
Posted 118 days ago
A greek girl in my class. I really like her.
jay ( 08497 )
Posted 118 days ago
i'm a gay girl, and this quiz went fine for me lmao