Does the girl you like likes you back?

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Find out for sure whether your crush likes you as well!

  • 1
    When you talk to each other, does she smile and/or laugh while she makes eye contact (if she makes eye contact)?
  • 2
    Do you know if she has a boyfriend or not? (She may like you more, answer truthfully)
  • 3
    How often do you talk to her?
  • 4
    You ask her to hang out at the mall sometime, what does she say?
  • 5
    Is she really shy or nervous around you?
  • 6
    Has she ever hugged you?
  • 7
    Are you the type of guy she would like as a boyfriend?
  • 8
    Has she ever told you she likes you?
  • 9
    Does she ever give you weird/disgusted looks?
  • 10
    Does she ever talk about you with her girlfriends?
  • 11
    Has she ever gone out of her way to try to talk to you?
  • 12
    Do you have her phone number? If so, how often do you call her? If not, do you think she'd give it to you?
  • 13
    When you ask her a question, does she simply answer, or does she ask you a question back?
  • 14
    Do you guys flirt at all?
  • 15
    Do you think she thinks you like her?
  • 16
    Have you ever taken her out?
  • 17
    Do you guys share the same interests? Music/hobbies/etc?
  • 18
    Do her eyes ever sparkle at you when she looks at you?
  • 19
    Does she have a lot of male friends, besides you? If so, how do you think she "ranks" you amongst them?
  • 20
    How do you think she would feel if she saw you with another girl?

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K-2SO (18264)
I was so excited for this quiz and then--

"At this point, she just wants to be your friend."

Connell (39665)
2 days ago
I've taken, like, five tests on this and they all say she likes me! TYSM!
Lol709 (44751)
2 days ago
Me too dolphin, me too. ;-;
lovecraftian (72124)
10 days ago
i like this girl and she might like me back, but shes trying not to show it. what do i do?
dolphindive345 (07747)
14 days ago
Okay I've now done this quiz twice on two girls that i like and it seems they both would like me as a friend 😓
Ana 😇 (41537)
23 days ago
Hey Random!!
((gray) I believe I can help! The first step is to ask her to hang out, like during the lunch time just say things like, " hey the stuff served in the canteen is pretty good!! Wanna check it out with me?" Or the most common flirting method/topic is the weather. If she asks stuff like" omg it's so sunny and hot! " answer" I guess it's cause I'm here" my crush always used to do that to me!! Just talk about anything just to butt in ❤️ First step is to be causual and be friends
Hope I helped 😇 have a nice day ya all !! Questions can be ashed below with my name and I'll answer
Ana 😇 (41537)
23 days ago
Hey guys, this is a girl here !!
I know this is weird but I'm willing to help out ❤️
Basically, A Lad,
when girls write xx etc;it means xoxo... Truthfully girls always write xoxo, ( girly ones) I'm a huge tomboy so I never write xoxos but it's very common, to a girl and boy.. I'm sorry about this but the VERY first step is to to talk to her and become friends. I talked to this guy I had a crush on even when he had a gf and he's my neighbor. He ended up hugging and going on piggy rides.. He just hugged me and I like it when they are open. Try to be extra shy around her and believe me girls love it when you compliment them❤️ Best of luck!! 😇 book I helped ❤️ Ask for help guys 😘
A lad (05634)
29 days ago
So there is this girl I like at school and we used to sit next to eachother and I think she found me funny. But recently we did this secret santa thing and we both got eachother I later found out. At the end of the note she left 4 x's. Does this mean anything?
a random person (57817)
34 days ago
So,there's a girl in my class ,let's call her -A-.I have met her in school and we know each other for about 3 months.Every single time i pass next to her she smiles.Every time.She have complimented sometimes.In class,if i take a glance at her she stares back and when we are laughing at class she looks at me and smiles.Also,she stares at me all time.She talks with her friend ,and she stares at me.Also,we share may interests.A few days ago (in a school project ) she asked me to join her team but i was in another team and i didn't go with her.She seems happy around me but she acts like this to any other guy.So,what do you think ?Is there's a chance she likes me ?
Random (85132)
35 days ago
These is this really cute girl in my class named Addison. We sit next to each other in biology and she sits a row behind me in English Language arts. We talk all the time at school and I mean every chance we can get. We will talk in the halls, in class, at lunch, even during final exams today. I really like her at she has given a lot of hints to me that she may like me. I just don’t know what to do. Do I tell her I like her. Do I get her # then tell her I like her over a text so it’s more private and not in a homeroom full of 30 7th graders? Do I lay low and wait a while. I’m worried she will find someone by then who has the guts to ask her out. I just don’t know what to do. Can I please some suggestions in the comments below. Help!
Girl (25977)
36 days ago
just be yourselfs around them
TK (11785)
39 days ago
I'm lesbian so I don't think that this would mean anything to as a test
Girl (for advice) (71874)
40 days ago
Hey you guys I came on to answer some of your questions because I myself am a girl...

To Fred who asked how to get her attention/ to notice me in class: Just talk to her more in general, if she seems to be struggling help with an answer (don't say it rudely though cause she'll probably think you think she's stupid) or ask her questions (Girls like being able to help you out). if she seems annoyed that you are talking to her WHY do you like this girl, she thinks she is to good for you (in reality these girls are just low and she doesn't deserve your attention tbh) Hope this helped
Fred (55249)
41 days ago
I really like this girl i sit next to what should i do to make her notice me
Conor (75144)
43 days ago
I really like this girl in my class but she's so sensible and I'm too scared to talk to her. Dude what should I do???
dank memes (13138)
45 days ago
ecksdee m89 ez w bro i can get ez dank meme
Nick name ( kk ) (66171)
49 days ago
Ok time to redo the test and do the one about the girl I like let’s see if she likes me
Nick name ( kk ) (66171)
49 days ago
I’m 11 the girl hangs of me a lot but I don’t like her and sometimes for me it is kinda weird

But I will not ask her out 1 her Mum works at my school 2 bro I don’t even like her back
Cody (08844)
53 days ago
I've used this quiz for literally every girl I liked and had the thought, "Does she like me?" and the quiz gave me accurate results, Some girls turned out not liking me, but some did. I asked those girls out and they all said yes. This is something I will use until I am 80 and cant tell the difference between a spoon and my hand.
Liam (47365)
53 days ago
I like this cute girl called Izzy and this test says I should ask her out and I am not sure if she really really likes me yet. I went out with her a couple of years ago and I am 10 by the way